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How To Install Bikes Car Racks


Biking is a great method for keeping fit and healthy, but because of their bulky and obtrusive size, they can sometimes be a difficult object to transport with ease. Installing a car rack for your bikes can be a sensible and practical way of transporting your bike without a hassle. In this article we have supplied step by step instructions on how to install a car rack for bikes.

Step 1

The first step is to decide on what type of a bikes car rack you want to invest in. There are two main types of car racks for bikes; a roof rack, or a trunk bike rack. The roof type bikes rack can house a wide range of objects (surf boards, snow boards etc.), more stable and they don’t block any access points to the car,however, they tend to be a bit more expensive. Trunk racks are more afordable, light, and it is easy to load your bike off and on the rack. For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the trunk bike rack.

Step 2

Remove your newly brought bike rack from its box and protective wrapping. Once removed make sure that all the parts are located in the package, and if not, contact the place in which you brought it from.

Step 3

Fold out both the top foot assembly and the bottom foot assembly. Adjust their angles in accordance to the form of your car. The top legs normally rest upon the top of the trunk and the bottom ones on the cars bumper, the end product should be in a V formation. Also, the small arms should be on top and the long ones on the bottom.

Step 4

Now that the arms are properly arranged with your bikes car rack, proceed to tighten them. The method of tightening will differ in accordance to the model if bike rack purchased. Some will exhibit knobs, screws or bolts; tighten with any method that corresponds to the device located on your bikes car rack.

Step 5

Next, slightly open your trunk and place the bikes car rack on the trunk of your car. Located on the end of your bikes car rack should be some straps with hooks on the end. Secure these into the space between the trunk lid and the rear window. In some models of bike racks there will be upper and lower hooks, with the upper ones secured to the aforementioned space, and the bottom strap secured either on the rear bumper or under the car.

Step 6

Once the straps are secured to the trunk, give it a mighty tug to ascertain if it is secure. If it moves on the tug, tighten it with whatever tightening method comes with that particular bike rack. A suitable installation should have taunt straps and a stable rack.

Step 7

Finally close your trunk and take a drive but without any bikes in the bikes car rack. This will assure that it is safe and secure.


  1. Make sure that the bike rack does not cover your licence plate, as this is against the law.
  2. Clean and dry the surface area of the trunk before installation as dirt and grime can interfere with the stability of the bike rack.

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By Athena Rhodes, published at 02/29/2012
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