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How To Reduce Scar Tissue


Human body has many recovery systems in it, whenever our skin suffers from a wound or cut, be it surgical or accidental, the skin heals itself. A fibrous tissue replaces the original skin, which is known as tissue scar. The normal skin tissue is replaced by scar only when the injury it is covering is completely healed. Both natural and medical treatments are available. The natural ones are cheap and easy but their effectiveness has not been clinically proven till now. Whereas medical treatments are backed up with clinical testing and also recommended by many doctors. There are numerous methods to remove the tissue scar.

Step 1

The first method in line is the chemical peeling, which is praised by dermatologists for its efficiency and non invasive treatment. It normally works by burning the outer layer of the skin or the tissue scar and revealing the inner layer, which is free from scars. Different chemicals are used in this treatment such as glycolic, TCA acids and salicylic. The dermatologist may prescribe you one according to your skin.

Step 2

The next medical treatment available for tissue scar removal is Dermabrasion. The surgeon uses a Dermabrasion device which rotates at high speeds and removes all the dead skin, leaving the skin smooth and fresh. However it requires a few sittings as per the scar conditions. Over time, Dermabrasion has been refined into micro Dermabrasion which is a more proficient version of the earlier technique. This method requires a suction tube and very fine abrasive crystals are blasted onto the skin.

Step 3

Vitamin E rich diet and supplements are also an option. Nuts, eggs, green vegetables and vegetable oils can help the body in speeding up the healing process of tissue scar.

Step 4

Laser treatments are also quite promising in removing tissue scar. Both non ablative and ablative lasers are used in this treatment. The lasers heat up the skin and redistribute the collagens without damaging the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and scar less. The treatment requires multiple session to attain complete clarity in skin. Ablative laser treatment requires longer healing time as compared to the non ablative therapy.

Step 5

Another popular cure for the tissue scar is semiocclusive ointments and pressure dressing. These silicon treatments are generally used to prevent formation of scar and to improve the appearance of the existing scar. Silicone based ointments speed up the healing and reduce the scars the same way as silicone scar sheets. Pressure dressings are also a similar treatment when it comes to scar removal. Gauzes are used to apply constant pressure on the blood vessels and slowly the scars become flatter and softer as well.


All these treatments are backed by various medical authorities who have performed medical tests for these treatments so the risk in them is quite less. When considering getting a tissue scar removal it is better to look onto various options available. The best way to start is to get a complete checkup by a dermatologist and discuss the possibilities of treatment and finally to come up with a suitable tissue scar treatment.

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