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Laws on Texas Car Insurance


As the case applies in other states, the same goes for Texas car insurance. These laws differ from state to the other. Texas has its laws mostly enforced to drivers taking care of both adults and teen drivers. Some of the Texas car insurance laws are discussed below.

Step 1

In any case of accidents, the laws on Texas car insurance imply that a driver must be responsible for the act. For this matter, the driver responsible must pay for the accident and all damage caused. This makes people go on purchasing the Texas automobile liability insurance. This liability insurance is what takes care of all damage caused by the driver during an accident. This is in terms of car repair, paying for medical expenses or replacing damaged parts.

Step 2

On purchase of the insurance, there is the least amount you are supposed to purchase. This is in order to meet the financial responsibility of Texas car insurance. These liability limits have their associated terms. Currently, the least liability limit in Texas is around $60,000 for every accident, $25,000 for damage of property and $30,000 to cater for each person injured. This is the basic coverage in the state.

Step 3

In most cases, the minimum liability amounts on Texas car insurance are not enough to cover all damage caused. It is therefore advised that one buys the basic coverage limits. Drivers have the authority to sue the person responsible for the accident if they fail to meet all the costs.

Step 4

It is also good to understand that Texas car liability insurance is not responsible in paying for repair and replacements. The same is also not responsible to treat injuries of both parties in an accident. For this case, one should purchase other coverage types such as collision and medical payments to cater for related expenses.

Step 5

Another mandatory aspect is that of providing proof of insurance before registering any vehicle in the state. This is in addition to proof of financial responsibility. This is a card provided by Texas car insurance companies. The card is applied during accidents, car inspection and during the driver’s license renewal.

Step 6

The proof of Texas car insurance has to be carried all the time while driving. If in any case a police officer finds a driver without the proof, there are the related fines applied in Texas State. For a first time offence the fines range between &175 and $350. This is not that harsh but the penalties become hostile for the second offence onwards. The third offence could have the license suspended and that calls for serious measures.



Laws on Texas car insurance could either be harsh or cool. This depends on the kind of offence committed. They differ from accidents to insurance proof and the more one offends the laws, the higher penalties they meet. In addition to these laws, drivers in this State have another option of insuring their cars on self. This entails posting of a financial bond in order to be self insured. This is the other alternative of purchasing Texas car insurance.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 02/29/2012
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