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8 Ways To Gert a Cheap Rental Car


Going on a road trip can be an expensive experience if not planned carefully. One of the ways you can save money while moving on the road is by getting a cheap rental car. With some advance planning and patience, you can be sure to get a cheap rental car that's well within your budget. Below are eight helpful tips to get a good and cheap rental car.

Step 1

1. Book the cheap rental car as soon as possible. One of the reasons travelers miss out on cheap rental car rates is because they leave the booking on the last minute. The truth is that the cheapest rental cars are snapped up very quickly. Avoid being forced to choose a more expensive car by going for the reservation of a vehicle as soon as your travel plans are finalized.

Step 2

2. Compare car rental rates. One little known fact about renting cars is that the rates given via the company's website, its toll-free number and its local office are not necessarily the same. To guarantee that you will get the amazing and best price possibly, you should do a little research and check this information. Afterwards, make a comparison of these rates to those offered through independent travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz.


Step 3

3. Get a Smallest Car

Go for the smallest car that can accommodate your needs since small cars tend to come with cheap rental car rates. You can also have the benefits like upgrade a larger vehicle later on. There's a real chance of this happening because in practice, car rental shops have lots of options for the stock. As a result, they often need to upgrade customers to avoid getting into trouble with them. Take a chance and you can become that customer.

Step 4

4. Make a comparison of daily and weekly prices to find the most cheap rental car rate. Most car rental companies have huge differences between their daily and weekly rental rates. If you're aiming for a cheap rental car, you may be better off booking a car on a weekly basis. Check with the company of your choice to find out which arrangement will bring you a better deal.

Step 5

5. Avoid using car rental facilities in the airport. While it may be convenient to rent a car from a counter within the airport itself, this may not be the best option for you if you're looking for a cheat rental car. Bear in mind that rates for airport facilities can be far more expensive than rates on the outside. To find out, make a few calls to compare the rates of a few off-site facilities. You may just conclude that the price difference is worth the hassle of a short walk to an outside office.


6. Pass on the rental insurance. Despite what rental companies say, rental insurance is not always necessary. Before committing to pay extra charges for rental insurance, check your existing auto insurance to find out if your coverage includes rentals, which most insurance policies usually do.


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7. Fish for a discount. If you want a cheap rental car rate, don't be shy to ask for it. Rental companies have many different kinds of discounts and promotions. Many may even agree to lower their rate to beat a competitor's. Don't be afraid to ask for better prices and you might just get it.

8. Return the car with a full tank. A lot of rental companies charge a heavy surcharge if you fail to return the car with a full tank of gas. Check your rental contract and act accordingly.

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