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Entertainment in cars has grown enormously with technology building more advanced car player systems. Car players have come along way from the days when they comprised of AM and FM systems to tape and CD players. Car Player systems have brought in a variety of options as to how and where you want to listen to your music. Technology has improved the audio visual systems of car players whereby you not only have to listen to your music but also see your favorite DVD videos right inside your car.

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Car Player system not long ago was only offering the AM and FM stations. Technology now has more to offer on car player through satellite and HD radio of free-to-air and subscription-based options. Never the less, this will not apply to any kind of car player, you will need to upgrade your system to best suit these new networks. The HD (hybrid digital radio) is a broadcasting network that uses the FM network through the help of the analog signal. Car player with the HD technology produces the best quality signals without distortion from other existing signals.

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Car players have advanced to have disc system audio enhancers which enable you to play CDs in your car radio. Codecs like the mp3, wma and AAC enable you to compress numerous compact audio discs into a single disc. Today almost every new car that is manufactured come with an mp3and wma disc player and a selected few with AAC enabled file reader which are burned to discs or bought online. The car player makes it easy to navigate through tracks from an mp3 disc with hundreds of tracks. To make it better the car player has LCD display showing song title, artist name and other track information. This feature will enable you to search for other new songs without having to stop the currently playing songs.

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The best car players also come with USB and memory card slots on the faceplate. The player comes with a card reader and adapters for the USB connection. The car player has another option of copying music through an inbuilt Bluetooth connection, which can be used to copy music from cellphones and other portable audio player devices.

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The car player has been developed to the greatest technology which is enabling you to access your music from your iPod library. Car player have come with a general line-in jack and patch cord that gives access to music from external audio players. Most car players also have auxiliary input jacks on the faceplate where you can play music from the iPods and other audio players via the speakers of the car player.

Step 5

Another advantageous feature of the best car player is the system full touch screen LCD display. The touch screen gives you an easier task of scrolling through the music library. Since the devices may sometimes have memory storage of up to 80 GB, this system allows you to select a certain song from the many that are in the list.


The car player is a technology that has enabled you to drive your car in comfort listening to your favorite audio and watching visual music. This is a device that must be considered in the car by everyone.




By Lawrence Kamau, published at 03/04/2012
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the Best Player Car Radios. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.