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These days you find so many car dealers selling used cars and it seems this is a lucrative market. The recent global recession has forced a lot of consumers to opt for cheaper used cars. When you are looking for a used car to buy or sell, there are certain factors that you need to consider. The used car dealer must at least meet the following criteria.

Step 1

You must deal with a reputable used car dealer. There are so many risks associated with buying or selling a car so you want to make sure that you approach this task with care. If you are thinking of buying a car from a used car dealer make sure you have a background of that dealer. It is important to know how they handled similar cases and also know the way they handle conflicts.

Step 2

If you are selling a car through a used car dealer also find out their process first. Find out how you are going to receive your payment and also the commissions and other fees being charged. All this must be done before you sign the contract.

Step 3

When you deal with a used car dealer, especially if you are the seller, you must first have your car valued first by an independent evaluator. An independent evaluator will give you a price that is market related and his opinion will be objective. You do not want the used car dealer to do everything for you. You may end up losing a lot of money if you let them handle everything.

Step 4

Whether you are buying or selling a car from a used car dealer just make sure there is a written contract that each party should sign. The contract must be legally binding and this will help you in the event of a dispute. The contract will have the price of the car and payment terms. All parties will be bound by the legal document that they sign.

Step 5

Do not just deal with a used car dealer that you first meet or that you have heard from the club. It is advisable to use a used car dealer in your local area. Compare at least three used car dealers before you choose the one you want to work with. When you compare you are looking at things like the commissions and fees as well as their professional conduct.


Any used car dealer you are going to choose must be registered and licensed to do that kind of business. Ask for that information before you can agree to sell or buy a car from that dealer. If they are not registered or they are not licensed to be a used car dealer, you can actually get into trouble with the law. Most importantly, they must also be professional and reputable. You do not want to deal with a used car dealer that does not show any sign of respect and professionalism. You can ask your friends or workmates and they can also refer you to good car dealers they know.

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