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Which Is the Best Smart Car?


It takes quite some knowledge for you to determine the best smart car in the market. This is because their specifications are generally the same with very few deviations. The difference with the smart car is mostly the models and variations in colors. Recent renovations on the cars have though proved to offer better specifications.


A smart car is the greatest micro car innovation. These cars have their origin in Germany and France. During the 1980s, N. Hayek developed an idea for a stylish city car to suit the needs of those who wanted small cars. This was also aimed at solving the car parking problems in cities and towns. The car was made with a seating for only two individuals. The smart car offered no boot and its design was the ultra mini one.


The best smart car covers a very small space. Due to their small designs, smart cars save one the stress of parking as the car can fit in very small space. In measurements, the length of smart cars is 250 centimeters. This is the same as the width of parking slots thus two or three smart cars can park in one slot.

The car’s gas mileage is the greatest advantage it provides to owners. A smart car is very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. Its gas mileage is approximately 46.3 mpg for city drive and 68.9 mpg while driving on the highway. This is additionally to its safe structure that is met through strong safety cell and small front crush zone. These features increase its stability making smart cars better choices.

The best smart cars are also light in weight. The general weight of any smart car is 730 kilograms. This makes it fall under the class of the lightest automobile in existence. The car is accompanied by dual engines of 61 and 50 hp and turbo chargers that are cooled.

The ultimate lead for the best smart car is the price. According to various models, the range in prices is between $11,000 and $12,000. This is cheap and affordable deal as one saves loads more on gasoline expenses.

With recent improvements, smart cars have been modified by various companies. Some incorporate motorcycle engines into the smart car to achieve more power and lowered mileage. These modifications also result to powerful models that have increased acceleration. These improvements also give rise to turbocharged options and nitrous oxide that increases the car’s speed.

Tips and comments

The best smart car is simply one that harbors all these choices. The recent modifications to smart cars are what bring about the best of all cars. This bears increased power, speed and safety in terms of stability. Smart cars are embraced by many countries in modern days. The various smart car models in existence arise from these different countries and states. Each model has improvements but their sizes, fuel economy and prices are regulated as the original smart cars.

Smart cars have also been converted to other fuel options. These are mainly the electric conversions whereby they bear electrically charged batteries. Modifications also give rise to the solar powered smart cars. Choosing the best smart car thus becomes an issue of making a choice from the form of power to use.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/06/2012
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