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What Kind Of Car Does a Real Man Drive


Cars have definitely been one of the most talked about things throughout all ages. Be it two year old boys playing with hot wheels, late teenagers discussing which brand they should buy for their first car or even old men in their sixties deciding upon which car to gift to their grand children for their 18th birthday. Men, in general, have one reason or another to talk about cars. What defines a real car for a real man? This varies from person to person. Every man has a different perception of a real car. Some men find an automatic transmission car much more suited to their needs while others like to feel more in control and use the regular manual transmission cars.


Traditionally, over the past manual transmission-hard cars are known to be more masculine. Thus perceived as these types of cars is what real men drive. However, now a days when men select cars for themselves, a lot of focus has been shifted towards the looks and features or how fast it can accelerate. A real car is now professed as a car that looks good and at the same time has exceptional features e.g. speed, acceleration, power and a quality engine. The specifications for a car need to reciprocate with the total cost of the car otherwise potential consumers do not see the cars worth spending money on.


A real car can be defined as a vehicle which suits all your needs. The very first aspect that a real man would look for in his car is the engine. A powerful engine would promise you high mileage and a smooth ride when driving uphill, without the car slowing down. Plus this engine will prevent the car from heating up quickly as the energy charge would be greater per second. Another very important feature of a first class car for real men is its speed. A car with good acceleration would tell you how quick it speeds up once you start driving it. A factor most significant for the consumer world today is the look of a car. Surely, men do not prefer buying cars that give a feminine look so it is a very vital factor. Every man has his own taste when it comes to the look of the car. Some prefer large big sized jeeps while others want small compact cars with great speed. Besides these basic factors which men demand in their cars, there are also other specifications which are taken into consideration. High quality stereo systems, a global positioning system, good wheels for a smoother ride are among many other common aspects which men partially focus on.

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Thus a real car has a different meaning for different men. All significantly varies with one’s taste. However, a powerful engine, acceleration, and good aesthetics are the basic features when it comes to defining a good car, regardless of preference and taste. It is necessary for one to check and consult with a range of dealers to find the car best suited to your needs.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/07/2012
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