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How To Shipping Car Abroad


Many times you may not want to sell your car when you move. You will have to ship your car. It sounds like a large feat, but it really is not. Shipping a car is not a tough thing to do. 

Step 1

There are three ways of shipping car. the first is roll on and roll off, the second is consolidation in 40 container high cube, the third is by an exclusive container. Let us look at the roll on and roll off method. In this method, the car is driven to a special designated place on a vessel. When the car arrives at the destination, it is then unloaded from the vessel. The high tube is the most common way of transporting a vehicle. Different cars are carried in the container to their destination. While the exclusive container carries only your car to the destination.

Step 2

When you are shipping car to another destination, make sure the car has shipping insurance. This is an important step to shipping your car. Insurance of the car can be included in the contract you sign with the shipping company. The cost of insurance is not high in comparison to the whole package. It may amount to 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the total cost of shipping.

Step 3

Before shipping a car, make sure you inspect your car. Make a note of any present damages which are on the car. Bring all these into the notice of the company. This way you will be able to claim insurance on any damage which is made to the car during the shipment. You can add the current scratches and dents to the contract so that it is not negated by the company at any cost.

Step 4

When you decide that shipping car is the way to go, make sure you empty your car. All personal belongings should be taken out of the car. This way you can not hold the company liable for any losses which occur during the shipment. In any case, the company will request this of you. They do this to avoid any charges of theft and loss which may happen on board.

Step 5

It is very important to know that different methods of shipping cost variably. You should set your budget well ahead of time. Try not to set an unrealistic budget. Look around for the right company, a company which gives you the services you are looking for. Shipping car is not an easy thing to do. you should look at different companies before you decide on one.


In the end, it is important to have all the documents in line for shipping car. You should have the contract and your license ready for when you go to pick your car up. Do not leave anything behind in case you need it for clearance of your car. Inspect the car before you bring it home. Be sure to check for any damage which may have happened due to shipping car.

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