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Tips For North Car Buyers


Buying a car is already a necessity nowadays, especially when you’re located at the north part of the Globe. The North America is third largest continent having a size of 24,256,000 sq km, clinging to every climatic zone, is the first consideration to take by a north car buyer. They should buy a car that can withstand long distance drive on freeways, highways, and toll roads.

There are several automobile manufacturers in America that north car buyers might want to check for long running cars: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. The Chevrolet Volt car might interest the north car buyers, best plug-in hybrid electric car that is manufactured by General Motors. North car owners of Chevrolet Volt were fascinated by its performance and still amaze them even after one year they purchased it.

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North America’s geographical zones are loosely divided according to its prevailing climate and latitude. The four big countries that consist of the future north car buyers are United States (bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean between Canada and Mexico), Mexico (located at Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and the US and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the US), Greenland (located at Northern North America, Island between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Canada) and Canada (located at Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the conterminous US).

Thus, the second consideration for north car buyers must review is the fuel efficiency of the machine.

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Reviewing its geographical ground and the fluctuation of fuel prices in the international market, owning a fuel efficient vehicle has become of greater importance in the present world. Fuel economy is now one of the top criteria north car buyers looked at, sometimes overlooking the extra money spent, for a highly fuel efficient vehicle. Most of the north car owners do much of their driving on expressway that requires a great fuel economy for high speed long distance driving. Japanese automakers Toyota, Nissan and Honda are the leading producers of smaller and notable fuel efficient cars. Top on the list of best gas mileage car is Toyota Prius, with 4-Cyliner engine and 134 hp, 0-60 mph in 9.8 secs. Moreover, it became the most demanding car in the United States.

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Third concern for north car buyers is to test the machine performance reliability. The vehicle must be able to perform its required capacity under certain circumstances. Consulting north car reliability engineers to test car’s reach and measure the likeliness of failure and frequency is a must as part of the life-cycle management of the machine.

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Fourth regard for north car buyers is the superior ride quality. The comfort of long distance drive is also part of the car safety. Long journey in uncomfortable vehicles on road disruption can impact the driver’s ability to control the vehicle. Look for a car with firm suspension offer more roll stiffness, and lower center of gravity that have a great impact on ride quality.

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Good looks should also be part of the north car buyer’s criteria. A good looking car that is attractive and stylish is a milestone on the way to prestige.

By Rodel, published at 03/06/2012
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