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Great Advice For Affordable Car


Last 2011 and early this year of 2012, more than a dozen of new small affordable cars were produced. Each affordable car model are equipped with cool technology (features may vary depending on the car’s model) and notable features that a buyer must be aware of.

Step 1

Fuel efficient affordable car. There have been advances in new transmission engine technology in all areas of affordable car design in recent decades that dramatically increase the gas mileage of newer affordable car models. Variations of fuel efficiency is incline on several specification on a vehicle, including engine parameters, rolling resistance and aerodynamics drag and weight.

Step 2

Automatic Transmission. This kind of gearbox allows the new affordable car models r to automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves. Vehicles and autos equipped with automatic transmission are less complicated to handle and have a defined set of gear ranges that completely locks the output shaft of the transmission.

Step 3

Electronic stability control. This is also referred as a Dynamic Stability Control, a computer technology that helps detect and reduce loss of traction, increasing the safety of vehicle’s stability. With this feature installed in the new affordable car model, it automatically detects loss of steering control and applies the brakes to aid in steering the vehicle to where the driver’s direction intends to go.

Step 4

Automatic climate control. The system maintains a steady preset temperature and was designed for new affordable car models to achieve the desired internal preset temperature and maintain it irrelevant of the external conditions.

Step 5

Notable Features you can get. New affordable car models must come equipped but not limited to the following components: Power Windows and locks, iPod/USB controls, active head restraints, drive- by- wire throttle system , cruise control , tilt/telescoping steering wheel, Carpeted floor mats, driver's knee airbag, tilt, cap less refueling, integrated blind spot mirrors, 4-inch LCD screen, Active front head restraints and six-speaker.


Price always comes along with quality. Nowadays, the automotive manufacturing industry has an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Consumers and business buyers face a great amount of suppliers also seeking to satisfy their needs. There are four major automaker in the world: United States (Ford, General Motors and Chrysler), Canada, Japan (Toyota, Nissan and Honda) and Germany (Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audit). They have been doing everything to produce an affordable car with competitively superior offers in the market, in order to survive progressively global, technical and competitive environment.

Sources and Citations

The Japanese automotive industry has long been considered as the leading manufacturer of small size and fuel efficient cars. During the fuel economy crisis, their vehicle made it to stardom, which had a major impact on the auto industry. Japanese automobiles exports are very economical in price, design and targeting the low- cost clients. Hence, other players in the field of automotive industry are now on their way in manufacturing affordable car to penetrate in the marketplace. Therefore, most of the affordable car at present had evolved its features to a high grade quality with many varieties to choose from.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/06/2012
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