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How To Hire Car in Spain


Spain is one of the most visited countries in southern Europe because of so many reasons. The weather is one factor, boasting of hot summers, mild winters, and lots of sunshine. In addition, there are many spectacular beaches on the mainland and on the islands that comprise the country. One of the best ways to see the country is to hire a Spain car. It is a convenient form of transport, especially if you want to see as much of the country in a short time. If the roads are in a decent condition and you are armed with a good map; you'll have little trouble finding your way around the country.

Step 1

Look for Spain car hire online by visiting car rental websites. Car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis, Budget, Alamo, and National have offices worldwide and Spain is no exception. Check out their websites and take a look at how much it will cost you to book a Spain car hire daily, weekly, or monthly.

Step 2

Car rental companies are also affiliated with airline websites as flights and Spain car hire often go together. Iberia, Spain’s national carrier works with Avis and there is a special page on the site where you can book a Spain car hire or just request quotes. All the options that you need are there from adding an extra driver and child seats to renting a GPS and snow chains.

Step 3

Travel websites also offer packages including a Spain car hire and these agencies work with several vehicle rental companies to facilitate bookings and reservations. You might want to ask for special offers and packages that include a Spain car hire the next time you are planning a holiday in Spain.

Step 4

Before you book your Spain car hire, note the requirements of driving in the country. You need a valid driver’s license and car insurance. Since you are renting the car, the vehicle should already be compliant with existing national or European laws such as having a fire extinguisher, fluorescent jackets, 2 warning triangles, and a first-aid kit. Inform the car rental agency if there are 2 drivers so that you can get a spare fluorescent jacket, useful while driving at night in rural roads.

Step 5

Once you have booked your Spain car hire, you will usually receive a voucher that you need to present at the airport of arrival. Your driver’s licenses are also checked at this point and you have to sign some forms. The staff will ask for your passport and credit cards for any surcharges, even if the Spain car hire is already paid.

Step 6

As standard with Spain car hire, inspect the condition of the vehicle, note the mileage, and the fuel level. If it has a full tank, then you are expected to fill it up before giving back the car. If you have hotel transfers from the airport and are picking up the Spain car hire the day after at the hotel, airport, or elsewhere, the same procedures apply.


Automatic cars are not the norms in Europe, although there are more and more cars of this kind showing on its streets. If you don’t know how to drive a manual one or are uncomfortable doing it especially on narrow city roads in Spain (Sevilla is one example), make sure that you book an automatic Spain car hire. Spanish drivers, like most of European countries, drive on the right. The left lane is the fast lane and is used for overtaking while the right is for slow lane.

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