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How To Hook Up a Cd in Car


Playing a cd in car is one of the growing trends that are catching up nowadays. Even if you are driving an old modelled car or a new one playing a cd in car is “the” way to listen to music in the current fashionable era. By being aware of the few intricacies you will be able to install the CD player in your car.

Step 1

To install your cd player so that you can play CD in car, you have to follow the following steps.
At first put your car in the neutral gear and dismantle the negative terminal of the battery to start your installation. Then open up the dash board which can be easily done through use of screwdrivers. Once you dismantle the dashboard you are one step closer to be able to play CD in car.

Step 2

Your old stereo may be harnessed using screws and springs please be careful while removing them. Once you remove the old player. Place your CD player in the space of the old one and plug in. Plugging in from the already protruding wires, if the head of the wires does not fit in the player, you can simply purchase the head that is easily inserted and wire it up in the old wires. Once you are done plugging push the CD player into the cavity and this will put in your CD player in place. Now you can simply put in the CD and you can now play CD in car.

Step 3

Being able to play CD in car will give your car a new look. Whatever modelyour caris; it will enhance the look and give a sleek feel to your car. It is very important to be careful when you now have a CD player in your car. Be careful where you place CD in car, because extra heat can cause it to melt and change shape.

Step 4

Sometimes even when the CD doesn’t melt the ultra violet will damage the data on the CD. Also, when you have CD in car it is also important where you place the CD, because there might be scratches on it which will again damage the data. When you have placed a CD in car, you also will have to be careful for the amount of moisture that gets on the CD. Moisture on CD will contaminate the data and will also interfere with the CD player functions too.

Step 5

There are organic chemicals that are utilized for cleaning the dashboards. You can search it on different websites. When you have placed CD in car, you should be careful so that not a single drop falls on the CD otherwise the data on the CD will become corrupt. Microwaves and radiations also have very harmful impact on the CDs.


Once you are done installing your new CD player you have to be careful and purchase a self-maintenance kit for the player.

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