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Great Advice For Bluetooth Car


Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that uses low-power radio frequencies in the range of 2.4GHz. Bluetooth technology has been a part of many laptops, cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras since 1999. It helps transfer data or files between these devices within a short about 30 feet. In fact, energy efficiency and interoperability of a bluetooth device along with the low costs of this technology make them a perfect tool for linking devices that are close by without the hassle of wires and cables.

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Bluetooth car devices have become exceedingly common in today’s times. Most cars come with a Bluetooth-enabled stereo system that can be linked to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or GPS. This enables you to use your GPS or cell phone without using your hands. Many states in United States have laws that make it compulsory to use hands free Bluetooth system to talk on your phone while driving.

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Most car Bluetooth devices are user-friendly with clear and specific instructions that prompt you to sync your phone with the receiver in the car. While most new cars come with built-in Bluetooth technology for some extra money, you may also choose to add the system later according to your requirements and budgets.

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Most car Bluetooth devices approach by essential features including the capability to reply and decline calls. More advanced headsets also feature a dual-microphone noise cancellation system to enhanced resonance worth. Others claim to neutralize the wind noise and eliminate background sounds altogether. Certain Bluetooth car devices also consist of a multipoint technology that allows you to connect two devices at the same time, while others allow you to control the device with the help of a voice command. You should, however, remember that not all Bluetooth car devices have all the features. In fact, you may not even want all of them. As with anything you use, the more you pay, the more feature you get.


The headset design may also vary. Some of the new Bluetooth car devices do not have a headset at all. The speakers and microphone and are pre-installed in the car by the manufacturer. When you get a call, the device uses your car’s stereo system to transmit the sound. A set of keys near the steering of your car allow you to operate your cell phone as well as the Bluetooth device. Other conventional car Bluetooth devices have headsets, which can be grouped into two categories, those with a boom and those without a boom. Headsets with boom consist of an arched microphone that extends towards your mouth. The microphone’s proximity to your mouth provides better audio quality. Others fit directly into the ear. Some devices include LED screens on them as well.

With most states making it illegal to use the cell phone without a hand-free device, the Bluetooth market has exploded. In fact, there is Bluetooth jungle out there with hundreds of choices. Understand your needs and fix a budget before you go shopping. Be patient and you will find a car Bluetooth device that gives you value for the buck.

By david mecheld, published at 03/09/2012
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