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Vintage car is a broad sub-category. It is not yet fully described that what makes a car vintage but a car that is manufactured between 1920 and 1950. Cars manufactured in this era are usually referred to as the real classics. There are many different styles of cars that can be classified as vintage. This article will take a detailed look at some of the vintage car styles.


Vintage car has a very interesting history. In earlier times, there was no such thing as vintage cars as cars are a recent invention. The term vintage cars really caught steam during the 1990’s. This was due to a dramatic change in the design of cars. Old cars became more and more rare. This led to people developing interest in collecting vintage cars.


Vintage car is of many styles. There is no proper definition of vintage cars. What you should do is to check from a number of different sources. You shouldn’t take the word of the first person; instead consult with various people who have the knowhow about vintage cars. Vintage cars have become a rarity nowadays. Most of the vintage cars are housed in museums or with large collectors. Only old expensive cars cannot be categorized as vintage instead any old car can be included. Just to give you an idea of the number of different definitions that exist keep in mind that insurance companies would have their very own definition, which suits there terms and conditions, Antique dealers would have their own definition and collectors their own. Insurance companies classify vintage cars according to their make, type and age along with a few other things. Vintage cars can serve a dual purpose as they are not in high supply. Firstly the vintage cars that are in good condition are restored into working condition and are either sold or kept by collectors. These cars usually sell for A LOT of money and are in high demand. Secondly, those vintage cars those are in a very bad condition or those which are damaged beyond repair, are used as spare parts. This shows that even if you think that a car is obsolete, it would still be worth a lot. Collectors prefer to use spare parts from original cars then to use fake, artificial ones. One more style of vintage cars is one which is called a hot rod. This is a new trend. Hot rods are vintage cars that have been fully restored, but along with that they are converted into powerful racing machines. Huge, gas guzzling and high-horsepower engines are placed in them and the rest of the car is also molded to be more racing friendly. This style of vintage cars is one that can be used on regular basis. Many famous actors and celebrities are ditching new sports cars in favor of such hot rods.

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A vintage car has become more mainstream over the past years and has many styles. So depending on their style, vintage cars have different value and use.

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