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How To Know If You Need a New Car


It is very simple to ascertain if you need a new car or not. This mainly refer to people who already own a car but to some extend refer to people who wants to buy a new car for the first time. You can easily know if you need a new car given your change in status, growth in your business, new location or alternatively you car is obsolete.

Step 1

A change in status such as at work places may force you to think of buying a new car. It is physiologically debatable that if you are promoted to a new job and a higher employment position you need a car that commensurate with your position. I cannot imagine a chief executive officer of an organization driving a twenty year old car or an old model car because you car portrays the image of your origination and your commanding position. In such a case you definitely need a new car that markets your company.

Step 2

The growth in your business is an obvious signal to tell you that you need a new car. It is either you trade-in your current car or buy a new car in order to meet the need challenges that result from a growth in your business. A growth in business means more orders, more customers to attend to and more opportunities to try. If your business expands, it may mean that your current car is obsolete in one way or the other, therefore a need for a new car.

Step 3

As you grow up and engage in different activities as well as when your family grows your car may not be able to cope with the new demands. If you are driving a very small car suitable for a couples and when you have a children a family car would be ideal. Also, if you own a small hatch-back shaped car and you want to venture into furniture business, definitely you would want a buck or a lorry to use it in your new venture.

Step 4

Economic conditions may force you to consider buying a new car. If you are running a successful business then you would need to increase you fleet of cars as a form of investment. Also, on the other hand, an increase to your expenses may force you to go for a smaller car that serves fuel. Closely related to this is an upward trend in the increase of fuel which may force you to buy a fuel conserving car.

Step 5

If you relocate to a new place where traffic volume is very different from where you were staying, obviously you would consider buying a new car. If you move to stay in a busy and traffic congested town like in the capital city, a low fuel consuming car will be ideal for you.


It is crucial to know when you need a new car and the right car that substantiates your new status. And, to know the right auto-dealer to deal with favorable purchasing condition like payment terms, price and discounts.

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