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Renting a car is always the best solution whenever you are traveling either for pleasure or leisure. Instead of taking cabs and trains which is quite expensive, renting a car gives you the freedom and flexibility that every traveler requires. However, getting a good car renting agency can be quite frustrating and may require you to spend hours on the phone discussing about the insurance covers and the different requirements. Either way, the results are quit rewarding and worth the trouble.

What to Look Out For

When you are planning to travel to a certain city such as San Francisco, you should plan and prepare in advance to avoid the last minute rushes. For one, go online and get an agency in San Francisco that deals in Francisco car rentals. You will find a number of them that are promising to give value to your money. However, do not fall for such, instead, proceed to checking their offers.

One particular area to be very keen about is the insurance sector. The rental agency will give you an option of choosing between the loss damage waiver cover and the collision damage waiver. Buy getting the collision damage waiver; you are exempted from paying for any damage that the car obtains. As for the loss damage waiver however, you will only be required to pay some small amount. As you look for a suitable agency, ensure that they sell this covers at fairly affordable prices.

Another key area to check on is the car rental drop-off charges. These are the charges that occur when you leave a car in different place from where you picked it up. The rates for these charges will vary from one rental agency to the next. As you compare the quotes, you will be able to settle for the affordable one.

Further Considerations

It is also quite essential to know of the 4 types of basic rates in renting cars. One allows you to have a limited number of mileages in a day with a daily rate, another offers daily rate with unlimited mileage, while yet another offers daily with mileage. The last offers daily rate with some free miles for extended periods. Getting to understand these rates will help you quite a lot as you will be able to know what exact kind of rate suits your travel exactly.

Some of the agencies in San Francisco may have weekend offers for travelers. However, these should be asked for in advance. The above rates will also be dependent of the car that you opt to rent. For the sake of the renters and to maximize on profit, the cars at the rentals are quite economical and compact to prevent any extra costs. Therefore, you will not get a hard time choosing a car for yourself.

Tips and comments

Before you start off on your journey, ensure that you have made arrangements with a car rental agency. You should also make sure that you know the total cost so as to avoid being stranded or using up money for other purposes on your rental car. With the above tips and pointers, renting a car in San Francisco will be quit easy.

By Elly Andy, published at 03/08/2012
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