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Travel, be it for pleasure or business, cars top the list of preferred means of travel. Rental car industry is the blood line for travelers who choose to go by road. Rental car industry is a million dollar industry, with millions of travelers in search of the best and the cheapest rental offers available. From the big list of rental suppliers, choosing the one suitable for your needs and your pocket has always troubled travelers.

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With growing competition, the rental industries have started a price battle to lure in more customers. One such company is Belize car rental. They have one of the most cheap rentals car offers for a SUV. You can drive out of their office with a small sized SUV for just $25/day.

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If you are looking for cheap rentals car, go no further, Goodmiles rent-a-car is the perfect deal. You can have a decent sedan car for as low as $15.71/day, if you plan to rent the car for a period of four weeks or longer. Daily rate offered is $22.99 and weekly $160, excluding tax of 15.9%. Included in the package is 100 miles/day, and above this and an additional cost of $0.15/mile will be charged. Vipcars rental service also provides you with cheap rentals car which includes a Hyundai Accent for just $31.94/day.

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The car comes with a factory fitted air conditioner and unlimited driving mileage. The next best cheap rentals car on offer is the Nissan versa, which will cost you $33.87/day. This car also has an air conditioner and unlimited driving mileage.

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Enterprise cheap rentals car rentals will provide you with a Chevrolet Aveo for $33.97/day which is excluding the sales tax of $15. This vehicle comes with unlimited mileage and air conditioner. Rental Company Dollar Rentals are renting out their Chevrolet Aveo for a rate of $35/day, and the additional sales tax of $8.66 needs to be paid.

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The only restriction a driver needs to note is that the car is allowed to be driven only in the US and Canada. A cheap rentals car service that needs mentioning is U-save Rentals. Their KIA Rio is being rented out for a rate of $41.61/day plus a sales tax of $7.39. Unlimited mileage is offered and the car has air conditioner. Farebuzz is another great cheap rentals car provider, offering you economy car for as low as $30/day in the city of Orland, $32 in Miami and $34 in Las Vegas. New York and Los Angeles with cost you $44 for an economy car.

Tip 6

Go to Happy tours and you can cheap rentals car for just $55/day, which includes the sales tax. You get unlimited mileage and full insurance coverage with this deal. Budget car lease out their cars for $49.99/day and the car come with automatic gears and air conditioners. Trifty Rentals have well maintained economy cars for $53.07/day, air conditioner and automatic gears are available with all models.


HTI rent-a-car will give an cheap rentals car with economy vehicle for $54/day. Their Chevrolet Aveo package offers unlimited mileage, third party insurance and all taxes paid benefit. AVIS Rentals is another leading rental firm that can provide you with car starting for $55.99/day. Choose wisely and drive safe.

By samque, published at 03/11/2012
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Cheap Rentals Car -The Best Offers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.