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How To Take Care Of a New Car


Getting your very own new car; to most, it’s part of the American dream. The excitement and anticipation of taking it to the road riding it for the first time, probably one of the best thrills you’ll ever experience. Having a car is a luxury to some and a necessity to most. The need to have your own vehicle is slowly becoming a need; so much that market sales of cars are rapidly increasing. Once you are able to buy a new car and all the hype has somewhat died down, everything begins to sink in and you suddenly realize that you are now faced with an unavoidable question, how do I take care of my new car? To help you out in this predicament, here are some tips for you on how to take care of a new car.

Step 1

Wash your new car regularly

The proper time to take care of a new car is the time after you have driven it home. Before you park it inside the garage, make sure that you first clean it. Give your new car its first car wash complete with all the car shampoo, wash mitt and drying towels, microfiber would be better if you have. Washing your car is very important in maintaining your new car. However, car washing has been known as one of the main reason for having swirl marks. To avoid unwanted swirl marks make sure you are using high quality shampoo, wash mitt and drying towels. By using this quality products, you can be sure that you car is in good hands.

Step 2

Polish your new car

Doing this removes the defects as well as staining of your paint. Doing this enhances the overall shine of your car. You can do this easily by hand or by using a polishing machine. Although a new car might not have any defects or staining in its paint, still polish it by using pre-wax cleaners to prepare your paint for your paint sealant or protectant.

Step 3

Check engine oil and fluids regularly

Keeping the oil and fluids clean and on the right level is very crucial. In a course of time, fluids may start to evaporate, leak or may lose its quality. Have an oil change from time to time as it requires. Regularly check brake fluids, air coolant as well as the water level of the radiator to avoid overheating. Daily oil and fluid check up must be done to ensure that everything is in its right levels and to maintain the vehicle’s top condition.
Take notice of signs of potential problems

Step 4

Monitor the performance and irregularities of your car.

Watch out for things like uncommon noise, unusual smell, sputtering, different feel of the brake, clutch or accelerating pedals and grease marks on the tires. These are all signs that something is wrong with your car. Once you notice any signs, immediately address the concern and take the car right away to the repair shop.

Step 5

Find a good mechanic to maintain your car’s condition

Having a mechanic to regularly check and maintain your car is vital to prolong the life of your car. Ask for referrals and recommendations from your peers so that you will be able to find an experienced mechanic whom you can trust.


Most people think that since you car is brand new and everyone knows it, then they won’t have to do anything about it yet. That is where most owners of a new car are mistaken. The goal is to maintain its original beauty and sustain its good condition as much as possible and as long as possible.

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A new car just like any other needs proper care and maintenance to ensure its optimum performance. Regardless what kind of a quality car you have purchased, it still needs to be handled correctly for you to enjoy it longer. Driving with care and smoothly is one way to ensure your car’s good condition. Responsible driving is the best way of taking care not only to your car, but to yourself as well. Drive safely!

By Seth Evan, published at 03/10/2012
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