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Cars are the most essential objects in our fast moving world. By means of a car you can reach a specific place in a matter of minutes. They give you a sense of freedom, style and often end up becoming a part of your family. With ever growing prices of fuel, maintaining a car can be quite expensive. It would be nice to have a car that can run for a plenty of time at a low cost.  Air cars will be the solution to that problem. An air car is a vehicle that utilizes and runs on compressed air. Moreover, air can be combined with other bio products such as ethanol, gasoline and diesel.


The first automobile was a steam engine introduced in 1672 by a man named Ferdinand Verbiest. Afterwards, several engineers experimented with steam, electrical and combustion engines, but they were deemed unsuccessful. In 1885, an engineer named Karl Benz succeeded in designing a car that worked perfectly. His wife, Bertha Benz, was the first person to take a road trip. Although unknown to most people, air car has also been around since the middle of 19th century. It was operated on the basis of compressed air engine also known as pneumatic motor. It was successfully used in pneumatic trams, mine locomotives and for construction purposes, particularly in Paris. Compressed air engines were tested for air cars but the result did not turn out to be a success. With the recent advancement of technology, several companies have claimed the development of the air car but none has been released for public use.


Owning a car can be a big responsibility. It has thousands of small mechanical parts that can undergo wear and tear if not looked after properly. It is necessary to be familiar with basic car care products.. A car in a good shape lets you drive easily, survives longer, has increased gas mileage and looks good physically. Furthermore, it also assures your safety and proper engine function. A car's manual is a great help. Read all the instructions carefully and manage your car according to it. It is necessary to keep your air car cool to prevent the burning or melting of the engine. People often neglect the tires and not inflate them at the right time. This carelessness can result in serious accidents. Air car conditioning is exceedingly important. It is an integrated system that regulates the cooling and heating mechanisms of the car. Also, clean out the air car filter frequently. A dirty air filter clogs up and impairs the cooling system. Do not open the air conditioner as soon as you get in, roll down the windows, let some fresh air come in, and turn it on after a few minutes. This method prevents the accumulation of benzene which is hazardous to your health.

Tips and comments

You can make a kit of essential car care products to help yourself. If you do not trust yourself to look after the car, find a good repair shop and take it to the mechanic monthly to ensure its proper condition. Change air car filters, oil and fuel once in a while. Remove or repair rusty parts. A car in a great condition is affordable and a perfect solution to a fuel crisis. Remember not to leave your car inactive for a long period of time as this causes depletion of the batteries. Keeping good care of a car is not difficult. Make it your habit to do it routinely because nobody likes to get stranded on a remote road.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/10/2012
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