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Tips For Tx Car Drivers


The main aim for tx car drivers tips is to assist them be on the safe side by preventing accidents. This is because Texas is a tort reform state whereby the laws imply that someone must be responsible for an accident. This person is thus accountable in paying for all damage and harm caused to the victim. For this case, tips for tx car drivers are to be considered.

Step 1

The first tip for tx car drivers is that each should hold a car liability insurance. This is to help them pay for accidents ones found at fault. The liability insurance is meant to pay for repairs, medical expenses or replacement of the victim’s car. To meet the liability insurance, tx car drivers must meet the state’s minimum requirements. The minimum set limits stand at $30,000 for every injured person, $25,000 for property damage and $60,000 for every accident caused. This is the basic coverage that each car driver in Texas should have. To be on the safer side, it is good to go for a higher coverage than the state’s minimum requirements.

Step 2

The other tip for tx car drivers is that they should always consider purchasing other types of coverage. This is because the liability insurance is not responsible for injuries, repair or replacement of the victim’s car. Therefore, Texas car drivers have to consider the comprehensive coverage, medical payments, collision and other coverage types.

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Tx car drivers must also have the a proof of insurance card. This is a very useful card as it applies in many ways. The card must be provided for police officers, during accidents, car inspection or registering the car as well as renewing the driver’s license. Failure of having this card is accompanied by some penalties. For many offences, a tx car driver might face fines of up to $1,000, impoundment of their vehicle or driver’s license suspension.

Step 4

Tx car drivers for rental vehicles also have something to share. When operating under such vehicles, Texas drivers should always make sure that the agency provides liability policies and collision damage waivers. With rental cars, the driver must have their auto insurance which might cover damage for rental cars. Though the coverage might be less than the car’s value, it is a good practice to have it always.

Step 5

Moving on to the other issue, tx car drivers should be very keen to avoid accidents. This is by driving safely and being alert all the time. Drinking and driving is not allowed in the state of Texas. This is a major cause of road accidents and would lead Texas car drivers to various penalties. The state employs DWI/DUI laws that might prove severe to drivers.


All tx car drivers must employ all these tips for their safety. When found at fault in an accident, the state’s tort laws ensure the driver takes the responsibility at hand. Since the at fault driver pays for any damage or injury in cash, their property can be acquired to pay for all loss if they lack Texas car insurance. It is thus always good for tx car drivers to avoid accidents and have proof of insurance always.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/12/2012
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