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10 Amazing Tips For Subwoofers Car


Driving with music playing in the background turns a boring drive into a pleasant one. Putting on your favorite music gives a different atmosphere while driving. It even helps you keep awake especially on monotonous, straight roads such as highways and motorways when there is nothing to see but concrete roads and vehicles in motion. Installing car subwoofers can make that driving experience better as you put on music accented by bass sounds improving acoustics.

Step 1

Do your homework by understanding what car subwoofers actually do. They are supposed to amplify an existing sound by channeling this to car subwoofers. Increasing the bass sound is one motive. However, when shopping for car subwoofers, do not make output capacity your main concern.

Step 2

Keep in mind that RMS or root mean squared is important referring to the amount of power that car subwoofers can handle. As an example, if the power output is 1600 watts, then the RMS of car subwoofers is 800 watts. Know that 8 inches of car subwoofers will not do much in amplifying the sound while a 10 inch one is a better option.

Step 3

Therefore, choose from a 12 to a 15 inch type of car subwoofers to get a decent experience. The latter will give the biggest bang for your buck, so if you really want a shaker, 15-inch car subwoofers will do the trick.

Step 4

With all these information in mind, check the requirements of your vehicles. Look at your vehicles and check where you can put car subwoofers. This will help you find the right place to put them without decreasing interior space and putting them in places which are not obstructive.

Step 5

Measure the place where you will put car subwoofers. Take a seamstress tape and measure the space that could accommodate car subwoofers. Use a seamstress tape over metal tapes for accurate measurements. Most car subwoofers can fit in the trunk of cars.

Step 6

Shop around for subwoofer cars online. Online retailers offer some of the best car subwoofers. Check prices of various retailers to see if these will fit in your budget.

Step 7

Other places to look for car subwoofers are shops selling car parts and accessories. If you want to install car subwoofers, these retailers are the best places to go since their subwoofers are specifically meant for installation in vehicles.

Step 8

Installation of car subwoofers may require rewiring and a little tinkering in the interior of your vehicle. Experience car DIY hobbyists can do these themselves. However, if you cannot do the installation of car subwoofers yourself, ask at the shop where you bought it, if they cannot do it for you. In some cases, it is a minimal fee and others might even do it for free when spending a certain amount.

Step 9

If finances do not permit, take a look at shops offline selling car subwoofers. You might get a good deal on secondhand parts. Make sure that you inspect the merchandise, checking that no wires are worn out or torn.

Step 10

Ensure that there are warranties for your car subwoofers. Whether you buy it online or offline, brand new or used, make sure that there is a warranty for the car subwoofers. This is to ensure that you get your money back or that you can exchange or replace faulty items.


Operating machineries requires that you have little to no distraction. Make sure that you can hear other vehicles by modulating the volume of your car subwoofers to avoid road mishaps while driving. In addition, high volumes of noise can also damage your auditory senses and that of others, so be sure to keep the noise levels reasonable.

By Marie, published at 03/13/2012
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