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All around the world, incredible used car sales has created a new market for automobile industry. Automobile dealers are selling used cars at a very low price because supply and demand of used cars is very high all across the globe. Used car sales have shot up because of high quality of used cars. Automobile dealers test the used cars before selling them. Used car sales have also gone up because car dealers also provide one year free servicing on used cars. Due to this all around the globe, used car sales have crossed the billion dollar mark. The two best used cars currently up for sale in the automobile market are -

1997 used Ford Aspire Base 2dr Hatchback

In the used car sale, the first best car is the 1997 used Ford Aspire Base 2dr Hatchback which has 1.3 liter I4 FI engine. The engine of this car has 8 valves and single overhead cam shaft. The engine of this used Aspire has turning circle of 29.5 ft. At 5000 rpm, the engine of this used hatchback produces 63 horsepower. This used car has fuel tank capacity of 10 gallons and its overall height is 55.6 inch. At 3000 rpm, the engine of this used Ford generates torque of 74 ft-lbs. This 1997 used Aspire car model has rain sensing windshield wipers and rear hip space of 44.8 inch.

This 1997 used hatchback has keyless entry system and its curb weight is 2056 lbs. This used car also has anti-theft alarm system and it has rear shoulder space of 49.3 inch. This used Aspire has wheel base of 90.7 inch and its total length is 152.8 inch. This used hatchback also has power moonroof and it has rear leg space of 33.6 inch.

1994 used Hyundai Excel GS 2dr Hatchback

In the used car sale, the second best car is the 1994 Hyundai Excel GS 2dr Hatchback which has 1.5 liter SOHC 8V I4 FI engine. This used car model has 5-speed manual transmission and fuel tank capacity of 11.9 gallons. One can opt for 4-speed automatic transmission. The height of this used hatchback is 54.5 inch and it also has power brakes. At 5500 rpm, the engine of this used Excel hatchback produces 81 horsepower. You can also opt for anti-theft alarm system.

This used hatchback model has overall width of 63.3 inch and it has rear hip space of 52.3 inch. At 3000 rpm, the engine of this used hatchback produces torque of 91 ft-lbs. The curb weight of this used car is 2185 lbs and it also has rear window defroster. The rear shoulder space in this used hatchback is 52.3 inch and it has 13 inch wheels. The overall length of this used Excel is 161.4 inch and it also has tachometer as well as center console.

Tips and comments

The used 1997 Ford Aspire Base 2dr Hatchback has overall width of 65.7 inch and it has power driver seat with memory. The best Ford automobile parts are used in the 1997 Ford Aspire Base 2dr Hatchback.

For the used 1994 Excel GS Hatchback, you can easily buy all the original Hyundai parts online at a very low cost. The used 1994 Hyundai Excel GS Hatchback has remote trunk release and it has wheel base of 93.8 inch.

So don’t wait, immediately buy anyone of the above automobile through the used car sales from any automobile dealer.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 03/12/2012
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