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How To Stop Engine Car Smells


It’s the joy of every driver to have a comfortable and stress free drive. Obnoxious odors from an engine car cause discomfort and harm to your respiratory system. These comes as a result of a car’s old age causing engine leaks, spilled liquids on engines surface and lack of consecutive car service. Pungent scent is thus produced once the engine is running hence causing combustion of mold liquids that are split on its surface. Below are ways of avoiding and controlling bad smells from your car engine.

Step 1

The first thing you must be aware of is the status of your car engine. Your are suppose to be conversant with the basics engine maintenance and handling. It’s always advisable to check your car’s engine fluids level i.e. water, RTF & gear box oils, and engine oils. Failure to these can lead to serious car engine damage and sometimes can cause an engine knock. Ounce you standardize the levels, you are assured to enjoy a smooth drive without worry of breakdowns.

Step 2

Since refilling of either water or any other liquids that function inside a car engine may result to spilling, always be quick to wipe them. Be aware that some of the liquids associated with the engine have an adhere state that allows them to stick tight on the engines surface. This therefore causes unpleasant scent once the engine is running.

Step 3

jNote that cars have openings beneath glove boxes that allow passage of cables and wires linking the interior to the engine. This holes if not well sealed can mean trouble to the people on board. In case of a car engine leak, the gases or rather the bad scents produced pave their way to the cars interior using the smallest opening available thus affecting the atmosphere of the car.

Step 4

Failure to prove-check the lid’s in your car engines especially the main one that closes the cylinder head, can be hectic as it allows passage of oil fumes from the engine to your cars interior. Other delicate parts are like the dip stick that are used to check the level of your engine oil. Therefore ensure that you carefully place everything in its proper position before taking off a drive.

Step 5

Exhaust pipes that regulate the bi-products from a car engine can cause trouble in producing odor fumes in case of leakages. These pipes are specially made to support high temperatures passing through them. Normally, heat causes wearing of metal especially when the process is continuous like in cars exhaust pipes. The pipes are connected with special flexible materials that allow easy bending. Though they contribute greatly in conserving the pipes performance, they are time bond as they eventually get worn out resulting to leakages. The fact that pipes have their passage underneath the cars chassis, almost the last thing to the ground, they are in high risk of getting worn out by bumps and portholes on roads.


Therefore always ensure that you regularly check the situation of your car engine. This can be facilitated by checking your engine lids, ensuring that you keep it clean from liquids. Also by diagnosing leakages on your cars exhaust systems and seals.

By Edward Mwaura, published at 03/15/2012
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