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Black Car Cleaning Basics


Many people prefer black color in their cars. It makes their car look stylish, bold and classy. But since the color black brings out the smallest of dents and dirt; you need to know how to effectively clean your black car. This notorious color can become a daunting task for you to clean and maintain its original finish. Since a black car fails to hide even the slightest imperfection, it is a necessary task for its owners to clean the car on the weekends.


Many people prefer buying a car in black color for various reasons, sometimes due to the fact that they feel it suits their personality and sometimes due to the advertisements that car manufacturers create. They show a black car as a symbol of elegance and superiority. Car manufacturers that produce high end cars like BMW or the Mercedes mostly use black models to impress upon their prospective buyers the grace and sophistication of the car. Black color has been associated with many things but in cars it is used to signify class, style and grace that many would desire.


To clean your black car you could simply take it to the car wash. But take it to the hands free car wash. The reason is that black paints usually can be scrubbed off and they are more prone to scratches. When washed with hands sometimes due to excessive force used while scrubbing, you may cause the black paint to get swirl marks on it. With car washes that are hand free you can put your mind at rest for it offers you a complete wash, guarantees you care and no rags reused. Another way to clean your black car more effectively is to take great care of it and be regular with the cleaning so it doesn’t require much work in the first place. You should try to park it always in a shade and try to protect it as much as you can from the sun. The reason is that water evaporating leaves residue which causes spots on the shiny black color of your car. One of the basic cleaning methods is to wax your car. The reason for this is that wax helps inhibit dust and grime from settling on your black car finish. Try to finish waxing with swiping it in the same direction. Also another basic cleaning tip is to use two buckets. One can be used for the dirty water and another for the clean water. This will help you reduce any chances of getting swipe marks on your black finish.

Tips and comments

Tips for cleaning your black car are many. People who have black cars will try their best to make it look as presentable at all times as they can. The most important part about cleaning your car is to avoid any scratches and spots during the wash. They will not only mar the perfect black finish of your car but due to the color, they will be more visible. Later after sometime these will start accumulating and definitely cause the shine and elegance of the black color to diminish.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/20/2012
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