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Booster Car Seat Installation


Children’s safety during car rides is often stressed upon by not only governments but also by car manufacturers. Children Safety seats are attachments for your car seats that are developed to protect minors from car accidents. Children safety seats are sometimes considered mandatory by governments and also by children protection watchdogs. This means that many parents have to install these seats if their car manufacturer hasn’t installed them already. They are also referred to as infant restraint seat, child restraint seat and booster car seat. These safety chairs or booster car seat are easily available from many stores. By following some easy steps you can easily install one in your car.


Booster car seats are the result of a very long development process. This process entails many modifications and techniques in car manufacturing to protect those that drive. Initially the purpose of a car seat for children was not protection. It was in fact used to boost them up so that their parents could see them better, hence the name of the seats, ‘booster car seats’. These seats basically started to develop in the 1962 and their development is attributed to Leonard Rivkin.


To install your own booster car seat you first need to read the manual or instructions that come with your booster seat. You must realize that having a booster seat in your car is as vital as its utility for your child. Finding the right booster seat for the right child is also very important; meaning it should be according to the size and age of your child. If there is any inconsistency you should contact the shop or store where you bought it. Place this seat in the middle of the back seat. This is not only the safest spot but also helps in positioning the child in front of the rear view mirror. Use your body weight to fix the chair on the seat. After securing the chair with the universal anchorage system belt give it a hard nudge and tug to see if it is properly secured. Use the tethering straps to fully fix the chair. You can do this by hooking the strap into the tethering anchor by your car manufacturer.

Tips and comments

Booster car seats are very helpful for parents. They help you to accommodate your fast growing children to fit in the car nice and easy. Booster car seats should be used only after you have checked the safety label on it. If there is no safety label to be found don’t buy the chair. Secondly always try to attach or install the chair away from the air bags. Air bags can cause serious damage and in case you hit the brakes hard, remember they may injure your children. You should know that booster seats should only be used if your child’s height is less than 4 inches and 9 feet. Remember that children of the same age groups have different height and weight so always take these things in account before you start letting them use seat belts.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/20/2012
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