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Illinois Car Insurance Basics


Auto insurance is somehow a complicated issue in the United States. This is because the laws imposed differ from one state to the other. The only way to understand car insurance is studying the basics of each state. Illinois car insurance is one of the areas that require clear understanding. Some of the basics of Illinois auto insurance are as discussed below.

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One of the areas to understand with Illinois car insurance is the liability on bodily injury. When a driver is at fault during an accident, the bodily injury liability is used to cover any person injured in the accident. This is the insurance responsible for paying the medical bills and also repays any wages lost due to the injuries. With Illinois car insurance, this liability also covers for the pain and suffering caused to the person. The minimum set amount for this coverage in Illinois State is $20,000.

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The other Illinois car insurance basic is the liability on property damage. As its name suggests, this liability is used to cover for all property damaged by the driver’s car at fault. This involves any structure damaged including the other cars. In Illinois, the property damage liability provides defense when the driver at fault is sued. This kind of liability is set with a minimum amount of $15,000.

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The uninsured motorist bodily injury is the other Illinois car insurance basic one has to understand. It is very common for drivers not to carry a current insurance policy. When such a driver is involved in an accident, the uninsured motorist bodily injury applies. This provides coverage for all bills and lost wages for each and every injured passenger. The State requires drivers to carry this coverage of minimum $20,000.

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Other Illinois car insurance basics include the collision coverage. This is a coverage that pays for all repairs on one’s own vehicle. This is considered as the most expensive coverage in Illinois auto insurance. It is a valuable coverage that every driver in Illinois ought to have.

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The comprehensive coverage is yet another common basic with Illinois car insurance. This is the coverage responsible in paying for any damages caused by other incidents rather than car accidents. Such incidents include vandalism, carjacking or natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

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Other basic with Illinois car insurance are the supplemental coverage. Rental reimbursement is under the supplemental coverage. This is the coverage that pays for damage or theft of rental vehicles. Other coverage with supplemental coverage includes the car replacement coverage as well as towing and labor coverage. These are the basic supplements coverage which is offered separately. They might as well be included in larger Illinois car insurance policies.


The main thing in understanding Illinois car insurance basics is simply the minimum liability limits required by the state. These are mainly the bodily injury liability, property damage and the uninsured motorist bodily injury. It is also healthy to understand all types of coverage offered by the insurance as well as their policies. One should also make sure to get higher liability insurance than the minimum set amounts of the state so as to be on the safer side.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/13/2012
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