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How To Post Car Sales Online


Post car sales online! The best way to sell your car fast and get top dollar for it lies at the palm of your hands is to post car on sale. Yes, it's the internet, and you can take advantage of millions of potential car buyers. Thousands and thousands post car sales are posted online every day. There is very little to worry about, as long as you have the money before you release the vehicle.

As people have become more accustomed to making purchases on the internet, the types of items they are willing to buy have changed. In the beginning, they tended to buy products that were rather inexpensive and simple such as books and CD’s. Then, more and more people started buying items like cars. The number of cars sold on-line still far lags behind the number sold in person, but one trend that is definitely taking off is using the internet to basically post car sales and attract more prospect buyers.

While you are still able to put an ad in the local newspaper, the best way to do this task is to post car ads on the Internet. You get the greatest exposure and increase the odds of selling your used car at the price you want for it by putting an ad on the Internet. The following are the suggested ways on how to post car sales online –

Step 1

Choose eBay to post car sale on the Internet. EBay Motors has long been the choice of dealers and individuals who want to sell a used car.

Step 2

The fact that eBay is an international company makes it more tempting than other websites. Hence, it gives vast exposure worldwide, which is particularly useful when selling a classic or rare vehicle with a limited field of potential buyers.

Step 3

Sell your used car outright with the "buy-it-now" option. You still have the option of letting the vehicle to go to the highest bidder with a set reserve price.

Step 4

Combine the selling options with the fact that eBay Motors leads you through the process of setting up your account and takes 5 easy steps to list your car, and you know why the site is so popular.

Step 5

There is the added advantage that eBay can help you get paid for the car sale you posted. eBay is supported by PayPal, their online payment company, that allows money transfer from the buyer to the seller via appropriate bank accounts. This transaction provides a safe, convenient way to transfer funds.


The downside of selling through eBay Motors is that there is a fee for their services, based on the selling price. There are also fees for using PayPal. This is something you need to figure into your sales price.

You may also opt for Craigslist, another online site to post car sales. Craigslist tends to be more local in their selling area.

Sources and Citations

One advantage of selling your car on Craigslist is that they also walk you through the set up process. Listing your car and posting it with photos is easy to do. A disadvantage, though, is that, since Craigslist tends to be more localized, you do not get the exposure you might want if your post car is rare or a classic.

By Leah, published at 03/16/2012
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