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How To Clean a Wheel Car


Cleaning the wheels of your car regularly is not just to make it look good and shiny. It's a practical preventative measure. You see, your car's wheel get a lot of break dust, which is composed of adhesive and carbon fibers that come from the break pad, plus minuscule metal shavings from your car's rotor. They are very corrosive, and can damage your wheel car’s metal. As you use your car every day, more and more of these gather in the wheels, and the only way to protect the wheel car from any destructive effects break dust might cause is by cleaning it often.

Is there a method to cleaning the wheel car properly? You bet there is. Here are a few easy steps. Read on.

Step 1

The first area you should clean is the tires and wheel car. This is an organized method, so that no grime gets into already clean parts of the car, which is the possible scenario if you clean the rest of the vehicle first, then the tires after. Remember to use different wash and rinse buckets when cleaning your with soap and water.

Step 2

There are different kinds of cleaner for different types of wheels. Know what kind of wheel car you have, and the cleaner that is suitable for it. You can check cleaner labels as it's usually stated there which type of wheel it can be used for.

Step 3

Clean your wheels and tires one set at a time so as not keep the cleaner from drying on their surface. Make sure thoroughly rinse the wheels and tires so no cleaner remains.

Step 4

Don't leave your wheels wet! Leaving them wet will leave water spots and left over break dust. Always dry them using a terry cloth towel that is only intended for the wheels and is not to be used for other vehicle parts.

Step 5

When your wheels are already dry, apply a good wheel car protector or wax. Always use an applicator pad when waxing your car's wheels, and then buff them. This will make your wheel looking cleans and shiny for a longer period of time, while keeping break dust from sticking into the wheel car's surface.


For effective wheel car cleaning, only use soft-bristled brush for the wheels and stiffer brush for the tires to scrub the rubber.

Also remember to wax your wheels weekly. It's a bit costly, as wheel protectors and waxes don't come cheap, but it's better than cleaning your wheels more than once a week. With regular wheel car waxing, you'll only need to use water when cleaning your wheels.

Dressing your tires is also advisable to protect it from UV damages and prevent it from getting cracked and dry. Apply dressing in very thin coats and give it time to dry before you use your vehicle.

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Give as much attention to the wheels and tires of your vehicle as you do with the rest of it. Shiny, good-looking rims definitely draw attention and make a statement. With a little extra effort, your car's wheel will look just as eye-catching as the rest of your ride!

By Leah, published at 03/16/2012
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