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17 Car Tips For New Owners


When you're a new car owner, you relish in your new ride and want to take the best care of it that you can. Most new car owners fail to realize that even though their car is new, that there are still maintenance checks that you should perform to keep your car running in top shape.

Step 1

Changing your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months is crucial to engine performance and is a part of the 17 car tips. The oil is the life blood of your car and if it is low on oil or your oil has broken down, your engine will suffer performance issues. It is not difficult to change your oil, but if you do not know how, you can take it to a shop and have a professional do the change for not much money. This is the most important of the 17 car tips.

Step 2

You should change your air filter once every six months. Your air filter is like your lungs for a car. Without a clean filter, your car will not be able to breathe and will lose performance. A dirty air filter can create many issues with your engine. A filter change is easy and inexpensive to do. Changing your air filter should be a part of the 17 car tips you perform regularly.

Step 3

Checking your tires regularly is another important part of the 17 car tips. Your tires can get worn down and also lose air when driving over time. If your tires are not properly inflated, you can be spending more at the pump. This can also cause a flat tire. Check your tire pressure regularly and don't forget to check your tread and spare tire. Making sure that you follow these 17 car tips is crucial to engine life.

Step 4

It is no time to get stuck in the rain and realize your wipers are bad. You should change your wiper blades twice a year. Check them at least once a month for wear and tear. If a blade is skipping on your window, making marks, or squealing, it is time to change the blades. This is so important in the 17 car tips.

Step 5

Don't ignore your check engine light. If your light comes on, there is a reason so ignoring it can only make the problem worse. Keep a check on the light warning and once it pops up, get your vehicle scanned for the proper codes so that the problem can be fixed. Ignoring the light will not make it go away.


Step 6

Check your coolant levels once a month. If you do not have the proper ratio of coolant in your engine, you risk breakdown and overheating and this can cause major problems in your engine. Have your car checked regularly for coolant levels and to be sure your coolant is reading correctly. This is a very important step out of the 17 car tips.

Step 7

Check your headlights each month. Many times a headlight or taillight can go out and we don't even notice until we get pulled over by the police. A new bulb replacement does not cost much at all so it is easy to check these regularly for burned out bulbs. Keep spare bulbs in your glove compartment in case one goes out while you are on the road. Performing these 17 car tips can truly extend the life of your car.

Step 8

Having the right mechanic is a crucial step in the 17 car tips. Without a good mechanic, your car can be at risk. A good mechanic can keep your car well tuned and address issues that arise quickly. This will keep your car running smoothly and give you peace of mind knowing that your car is in good hands.

Step 9

Performing regular tuneups on your vehicle can truly extend the life of your car. Your spark plugs and wires should be checked regularly for misfire issues. Spark plugs should be changed out if they are no longer firing correctly. These can be checked fairly easily if you know how, or a mechanic can diagnose them as well.

Step 10

You should check your hoses regularly for any holes or damage. A busted radiator hose can leave you stranded on the side of the road very quickly. You should check the hoses often to be sure there is no wear or damage and that the hoses are not becoming brittle. This can save you time and aggravation in the long run.

Step 11

Checking your belts is another important part of the 17 car tips. Your belts can become frayed over time and become worn. This can cause them to squeal as they turn. A belt can break suddenly and leave you stalled on the side of the road. It only takes a moment to check the belts for wear and tear and this is so important.

Step 12

Looking under your car about once a week or so can tell you many things about your engine performance. You should not see any leaks or puddles of any type of fluid. If you see black puddles then you are losing oil. Green and yellow puddles mean you are leaking coolant. This is an important step in the 17 car tips that is often overlooked.

Step 13

Checking your fuses once a month is also an important step. This can tell you if a fuse is bad. Fuses are very inexpensive and easy to change. Checking them can save you problems with mechanical issues. This is a part of the 17 car tips that are often overlooked.

Step 14

You should also check your battery once a month. The cables can become corroded and can stop your battery from producing a charge. If you see white or blue-green buildup, it is time to clean those cables. This can be done fairly easily or a mechanic can clean them for you. Checking this regularly is important to the 17 car tips.

Step 15

Listening to your car can often clue you in to issues. If you hear unusual noises or clicks in your engine, you should have your car looked at. Problems often get worse as time goes on, so checking on an issue right away can truly help. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance from a good mechanic if you cant diagnose the problem. This is so important in the 17 car tips.

Step 16

Check your windshield for cracks as a part of the 17 car tips. We often get hit by debris as we race down the highway and don't even realize there is damage until the entire windshield cracks. If you catch damage early enough, it can often be repaired without total windshield replacement. This is also an important step in the 17 car tips.

Step 17

Keeping your engine clean is also an important step in the 17 car tips. You can buy engine degreaser to clean up your engine and keep it looking like new. This is a great way to prolong your engine life and can be done regularly. If you do these 17 car tips regularly you can save your car.


Perform maintenance to keep your car running at its best. Don't be afraid to get the help of a mechanic. Your engine needs your help to keep it running its best. These 17 car tips can save your engine.

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