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How To Install a Seat Baby Car


Installing a seat baby car requires much attention and following the right procedure. Most people do not install the seat correctly, as they do it in a hurry and miss little points on installation. A person should ensure that the seat baby car is always fit the correct way to avoid inconvenience. There is a way on how to install car seats for babies and follows this procedure.

Step 1

Before installing the seat baby car, you have to make sure reading the manuals for both the car and seat. With the manual, you have to get the concept applied in installing the baby car seat. There are laws regarding the most appropriate seat for your baby that you ought to understand. The right information on installing the baby car seat can also be provided by the manufacturers.

Step 2

The placement for the seat baby car is what starts. The baby seat should be placed at the center of the back seats. This is to ensure the baby does not sit near the airbag. Rather than saving the child in a collision, the airbag could result to injuring the kid since they cannot bear the impact. If you have to place the seat baby car behind the front seats, make sure the airbag is inactivated. You could also check the length at which the airbag inflates for the safety of your child.

Step 3

Some vehicles have side airbags as well. This is the main reason as to why the seat baby car should be placed in a rear facing position between the back seats. The location provides safety as the child is placed far from airbags. It ensures the child seats a far distance from the airbags that could cause harm.

Step 4

The weight and age of your child is what determines the position in which they seat. For very young kids, the seat baby car should always be maintained facing at the back. Once the kid is used to sitting, you can change the car seat position to face in front. This is mostly done at the age of nine months and above. As the kid grows, you can change the seat to a booster one that uses the seat belt as that of adults. This should be introduced at the age of four when the child attains 15 kilograms and over.

Step 5

If your car is designed with the LATCH system, then the overall task for installing a seat baby car is easy. This is a tether system that enhances the process of installing the seat. This system contains anchors that are attached to the vehicle permanently. Employing these anchors saves you the time and process of securing the seat baby car with a seat belt. For those cars without such systems, they can easily be fitted by automotive dealers at a slight cost.



Simply, installing a seat baby car requires maximum attention and understanding. You have to know the age at which the child can seat facing in front or at the back. You as well have to make sure the seat is placed at the middle of the back seat far from the airbags. This increases the safety of your child as your travel.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/14/2012
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