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About Cd Players Car Problems


There are a number of common faults that often occur in commercial equipment with CD players car. How are defects that can occur in apparatus of different brands and models of CD players in each case detailing the problem without specifying the equipment to, which it belong?

Step 1

Problems in CD players Car
The following list contains several flaws common to many makes and models and can serve as a starting point for the systematic search for problems in CD players car, but additional steps are needed to find the specific defect in the equipment under test.
Possible causes of malfunctioning of the team in CD players car
• Plug or connector of the power or batteries inoperative.
• Damage to the adapter cord or plug.
• Cut into the source connections (includes fuses cut).
• Microcontroller defective.

Step 2

Possible causes of ignoring CD players cars commands
• Poor connections in one or more keys or set of keys.
• The microcontroller reset was not correct.
• Any incorrect voltage of the voltage source.
• Failure of the microcontroller or other logic circuit.

Step 3

Possible causes of tray erratic in CD players car
• Belt worn, stretched, oily or loose.
• Dirty or dry lubrication mechanism.
• Motor or defective motor connection.
• The key contact sensor dirty or defective connections.
• Worn gear or other mechanical failure.
• Source voltage incorrect or missing.
• Microcontroller or other logic circuit with faults


Possible causes of issues in opening or closing of trays
• Oily or loose belt taut.
• Dirty or dry lubrication mechanism.
• Foreign objects such as toys, stones or similar blocking tray.
• Defective gear or other mechanical failure.
• Gears out of alignment.

Sources and Citations

Possible causes of damaging of the CD in the CD players car
• Part broken, bent or missing.
• Mismatch of gears.
• Other mechanical failure.
• Lens touches the disk or electronic failures due to misalignment of the focus servo.
Possible causes in the problems within the ejection process in cd players car
• Correa defective, dirt or lack of lubrication.
• Foreign objects in the area, gear broken, damaged or mechanical damage
• Gears of adjustment.
• Faulty sensor (optical switch or microswitch)
• Engine failure, driver or source.
• Try to produce the hand-cycle changer.
• Problems in the Logic or microcontroller.
Possible causes of cd players car in overheating the readers
• Excessive ambient temperature (sauna) or hot stereo components.
• Faults or breaks in the power supply, logic circuits or optical pickup.
Possible causes of disk not recognized errors in cd players car
• The shipping lock was hooked.
• Disc is scratched, dirty or defective.
• The optical lens dirty or damaged.
• The burden is not completely reliable.
• The album was loaded upside down.
• Suspension of the lens or lens cap that prevents free defective movement.
• Dirt, dry lubrication or damage in sled drive mechanism of.
• Key limitation or sensor dirty or defective.
• Defective motor shaft.
• Improper adjustment of the height of the platform of the shaft.
• Faulty component in the optical pickup.
• Breaks in the ribbon cable to optical pickup.
• Need for adjustment in the servo optical pick-up.
• Failure to supply, in the circuit or the control logic.
• Missing or defective connections or failure to shield the optics tray.
• External interference.

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