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The car adapter is the best way to streamline mp3s in your built in car stereo. The car adapters avoid scrapping your mp3s with burned Cds. There is therefore a varying cost and efforts, which have to be considered during the installation when connecting your car adapters. There a different options for connecting the adapter in your car.
The fist option is trough wireless Fm transmitters. They are the most popular and easy way to play the mp3s through your car. The car adapter is plugged into a headphone jack to create a low watts radio station .The station can be picked by your car on short wave basis. The sound that will therefore come from the speakers will be a combination of your local radio and what the car adapter is playing at that time. Some limitations for using the car adapter may include crowded air waves in town and some poor or low quality sounds.


The Fm transmitters are very good and are easily affordable. You should choose a nice model which will not restrict you to many stations.
The cassette adapter is also another way for connecting well your car adapter. Generally its installation is very easy and the sound quality is excellent. They are distinct in that they have a car tape player. These car adapters’ takes after the tape player. There is a great degree of resemblance .They are fairly cheap and they are known for their good quality sound. You should simply plug one end into mp3 player phone jack and another end into a tape deck.


Another way to connect your car adapter is by the use of the s wired Fm modulator. The installation of this device is moderate and has a good sound quality. The signals have to travel through concentrated airwaves then to the car’s antenna. The modulators meet the connection between the car antenna and the radio. This lets your car adapter signals be injected to this wired way. This also results to a good sound quality. The modulators are as cheap as 15$ and can simply be shopped online.
You can also use the car stereo with a line –in port. Its installation is moderate and it has a very excellent sound quality. In most cases car stereos have the headphone-size line in-port on front. You can simply plug in the mp3 player or car adapter into to this port, and then you tune your stereo and crank many tunes. If the car stereo doesn’t have this port you can solve the problem by buying and installing a new stereo which will enable you have the excellent sound quality from the adapter. New stereos can cost you around 100 dollars. You can install it at home or just approach a professional to work it out for you. There are a number of shops which can do all installations for free when you purchase from them.

Tips and Comments

The last option of connecting your adapter to the car is through a RCA port. The installation is quite easy ad the sound quality is excellent. Many of the car stereo especially which have Cd players may include a RCA jack at the back. Through this connection the player will give out excellent sound for the music coming from the adapter. To connect a RCA to the headphone cords you can buy or acquire it at a few dollars price. They can be bought from many electronic stores and are known to give excellent sound quality.

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