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10 Part Car Sale Tips


Most of the times, when the car gets quite old or it gets damaged, it becomes difficult to get a reasonable price for it. In such cases, one of the best option is to sell part car. When you sell the parts separately, there are chances that you will yield more price for it. Since the parts are in a good condition, people will be ready to pay more price for it.

Step 1

In order to sell part car, the first thing you should do is dissemble the parts from the car. Like you should take out the engine, bumper, microphone sensor, the lights and other such things from the car. Make sure that you remove all possible things from the car. Once you remove all the parts, you can hold up a garage sale or an yard sale at your home and then you can sell the parts of the car.

Step 2

If you are not able to hold up a garage sale or if you are not able to sell the part car, then another thing which you can do is sell all the parts to a car dealer. Most of the times, these car dealers pay less for the part car. Hence, it is recommended that you sell these part car to people other than dealers. Because, they will pay more for it.

Step 3

In order to sell part car, you can put up an ad in daily magazines or newspapers. In the ad make sure that you mention your contact details and address. So that people can contact you easily. If you do not have the budget to get the ad printed in the newspaper or magazines, then the other thing which you can do ispost the ad about the same on social networking sites. These days, many people make use of the social networking sites quite often and hence, there are high chances that at least a hundred people will notice your ad. And if any one amongst them is in need of the part which you are selling, then they might contact you and you will be able to sell your part.


Another option to let people know that you are selling part car is by the means of word of mouth. These days, word of mouth does also spread quite rapidly. So, make sure that you tell all your friends about the parts you are selling. Tell them to further tell their friends and relatives. In this manner, a number of people will come to know about the part car which you are selling. And if some body amongst them does need these parts, then they will contact you.

Sources and Citations

Most of the times, it might happen that you will be able to sell a few parts and a few parts will be left unsold. For a few days, you should not place the ad for these unsold parts. After a month or so, you should again place the ad or tell people about the part car which you are selling. This way, you can sell the part car.

By david mecheld, published at 04/02/2012
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