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The saga car is manufactured in malaysia.Since its introduction in the year 1985,it has contributed to great proton’s sales. For more than two decades it can be said that the saga car has been voted as a durable model of the protons. The first saga car model was made in the year was similar to the Mitsubishi lancer the saga car model was produced in collaboration with the Mitsubishi car. This agreement was reached with a view of having the saga car as Malaysian National car. Another saga car model was developed in the year 2008 to cut on development costs. Since the launch of the saga car, sales have gone as high as 3 million cars.

Step 1

The saga car has developed through generations. The first saga car was first sold in the year 1985.The first generation existed between 1985 to 2008.Before the first saga car went into the market there was a contest held for selection of the name of their national car model which won the name saga car. The first ride was driven and tried by the National Museum of Malaysia. This marked the commencement and kick off of the automotive industry in malaysia.The opening occasion was held on 14th September 1985.The supply of saga car was initially low. Due to the rise in demand, the cars sales were high and this led to a rise in the need to supply more. With the increase in production the car was able to capture almost three quarters of the Malaysian car market population.

Step 2

In 1986 the proton wanted to introduce the models in the States but the deal did not succeed. The saga car is regarded as the most affordable car in the Malaysian market. At first proton realized that they had no permission from the authorities to sell the car in the United States. This led to a huge loss by proton.

Step 3

The early saga cars were geared on an 8 valve cylinder petro engine with a five speed transmission. The original saga car was sold as saloon with four doors. This was followed by a hatch back variant which was introduced back the year 1988.It was later changed to saga aero back.


The year 1989 marked the invention of another market of the saga car in the UK. The UK now is known to contribute most of protons saga car sales. The United Kingdom models were sold in different fuel capacities of about 1.3 litres and s1.5 litres. The UK models revisited the dash boards which were used for the former Mitsubishi lancer. They were complete with controls which are not on the Malaysian local car model.

In the year 1990 they revised the type with the coming of 12 engine valves. With an increase in power ratings from 53 kilowatts to 56 kilowatts for the one litre engine.

The other type in the first generation was the Saga Iswara which existed between 1992 to 2008.This was modified with its slimmer headlights, nice plastic bumpers, excellent side mouldings, colored door handles with grooved clusters, a modern interior and a plate for the registration. The saga iswara was succeed by saga LMST- 2003-2008.proton gave it new saga facelift and renamed it back to saga car.

The second generation came was between 2008 until now. Although they have retained the old name the new saga car has an indigenous design to out engineer the old saga. 

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