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How To Hand Car Wash


A clean car will always look impressive to many people. Making a good hand car wash leaves your vehicle smart and gives it a good look. Everyone who owns a care can attest to this. Generally, there are different colors for different cars. Regardless of the color of the car ,you can always make your car look as new as ever. To achieve the neatness of your car, you don’t only walk to the service station always. It is also good to know that you can clean your car and avoid the cost of washing in the service station.

Step 1

A hand car wash involves more than what you can get from the machine. There is a complete and a detailed way to make your car free from dirt. Some manufacturers give detailed advise on how you can make a thorough hand car wash. There are many companies which deal with professional hand car wash. They can be found all over the world.

Step 2

There some requirements you have to meet when you want to make your car clean as possible.

Step 3

In the first place visiting a car wash shop is very necessary. Some people may use dish soap but this is not advisable. The reason why you should not use dish soap is that, the soap is hard on rubber most times.

Step 4

By using dish soap you will not dissolve all the dirt due to the hard texture of the soap. Another disadvantage of using dish soap when washing your dirty car is that it can remove the wax coat on the surface of the car.

Step 5

It will thus leave the car faded. To maintain the wax on the car body, then avoid using dish soap during your hand car washing. You can also get the soaps at a reasonable price of around 5 to 6 dollars.


A wash smitt is also very indispensable. The material used in making the smitt should be either of sheep skin or micro fiber clothing. The materials are very good in picking up dirt on the car and taking it off the surface. Another material you can during doing a hand car wash use is a sponge.
Sponges work well since they don’t have rough texture which may remove the cars wax. Although, all the materials discussed above are useful and good for your hand car wash needs, a wash smitt is the most common in hand car washing. The smitt makes the work easier and gives the most excellent car finish. Although, some people use towels, it is not advisable to use towels during the hand car wash. Towels just leave the dirt on your car body than picking it up off the service.
Another thing which may look negligible is two buckets. You need at least two buckets to fetch water. In one bucket you can put soap and then use the smitt to rub the soapy water against the surface of the car. The other bucket should contain clean water for rinsing the surface of the car.
A drying cloth is also necessary at the end. Dont leave your car wet. You should use a synthetic material, but it can scratch the car’s parts. Use a drying towel instead.
After all this exercise put your car in an open place for it to dry. 

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