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How To Charge An Electric Car


Electric car or electric vehicle can also be named battery electric vehicles. These are basically a type of battery vehicles that uses chemical energy that is stored in rechargeable battery packs. Battery electric vehicle usually use electric motor and motor controllers instead of internal burning engines form momentum. Electric car is totally different from all other cars because it drives all its power from battery packs. Electric car has no internal combustion engine or fuel tank.

Step 1

Electric car is common throughout the world now. It is proving really helpful for the public to save much of their money that they were wasting in fuel expenses. Manufacturing of electric car has a great motive; it is here just to tackle the problem of high oil prices. Users of electric car are enjoying because they don’t have to pay for the high oil prices. User can enjoy the same features as on normal petrol car but the only different is; there are battery packs instead of fuel tanks in an electric car.

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Electric car was really popular in the late 19th-century. But with the advancement in the internal ignition engine technology and also due to the high production of cheap gasoline vehicles, use of electric vehicles was left by people. A bit interest was seen in electric car due to the energy crisis of 70s and 80s.

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 But in 2000s the production and usage of electric vehicles took a boom just because of the rapidly increasing oil prices. Oil prices are still very high so people feel the best and affordable option to use electric car

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Normally electric car prices are bit higher as compare to other internal combustion engine technology because of the expensive battery packs placed in it. But to somehow battery prices are also reducing because of the mass production. So people invest once for this electric car, than they enjoy the efficient usage with few expenses.

Step 5

To charge an electric car is not a big deal nowadays. But to charge your electric car it is necessary to install an electric switch where you are going to park your car for the whole night. This is the best way to use electric car as to use it the whole day and when you are home, put it on charge for whole night.


 Electric cars are really helping financially but to give them electric charge is also a problem. Suppose if your car parking area is away from your home, how will you charge your car in the night times? You should talk to your landlord to get install an electric socket in the parking area so that you can charge your electric car easily.


Charging your electric car at home is the best option, but there are also many standard charging points available throughout the city. Different accompanied charging points are also available and you can easily get subscription of this scheme to get access to charging points. Due to the increase in the usage of electric cars, trends of setting electric charging stations are heading day by day.

By Debbie Thomas, published at 03/16/2012
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