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How To Find a Rental Car Discount


There are many reasons for reserving a rental car. One of the common reasons is for vacation and leisure trips. The other most common reason is for business travel. Whenever you find yourself in the need of a rental car, knowing different tips and tricks can help you save money with a rental car discount.

Step 1

Contact your travel agent. A travel agent's job is to find good deals and packages for vacation travel. Deals that include hotels, flights and car rentals. Ask your agent to provide you with any current promotions on a rental car discount. He or she should be able to find discounts that will help you save money. If you need the car for business travel and your company is not paying for the rental car, there are a couple things you can do. First, you can see if your company has any agreements with rental car companies, where the employees can get discounted rates. Or you can call different companies yourself and see what they have to offer for business travelers.

Step 2

Ask the hotel. Depending on the quality and service of the hotel you will stay in, calling the hotel front desk could save you some money. Some hotels work with other industries within the travel industry to provide the most convenient service for travelers. Contact the hotel and see if they have any deals that can save you on car rentals. They will either have a list of car companies that they work with, or it may be if you stay a certain amount of nights you may qualify for some type of rental car discount.


Step 3

Search online. Today you can find just about anything you want online; and a lot of times, the best deals are, in fact, found online. A simple search for "rental car discount" will pull up page after page of results. Most will be online travel agencies, car rental websites and online coupons that you can either print out or use the discount code provided to apply toward your car reservation.

Step 4

Check your frequent flyer miles. If you travel often or occasionally, it's a good idea to check your current frequent flyer rewards. You might have racked up enough points for either a free rental car or at the least, a rental car discount. Another similar option is your credit card reward program. With enough purchases and points accumulated, you might just be able to receive a discount on a rental car.

Step 5

Be flexible. During certain times of the year, the travel industry is at an advantage. Summer, Spring Break and Christmas, are times of the year where the travel industry is busy - meaning, they can charge more. Off-season times is when the customer can save money. If you can be flexible with travel times, that will be an automatic rental car discount, since during this time rates are lowered to attract more customers.


Never go with just one option when looking for a rental car discount. You could easily find a decent deal, but you can always find a better deal if you search through all of the ways you can save.


In the end, saving money with a rental car discount is a simple way to save money. Additional money you can use to spend during your trip.

By Casey Thomas, published at 03/22/2012
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