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How To Tuneup a V8 Car


Car is the most common vehicle as everyone has its own car whether old or new. Cars are proving a basic necessity for any kind of person whether he is businessman or a common man. There is no doubt that a car has lots of benefits and it assists the persons in many tasks.

Step 1

As the cars are important, their service and tune up is also very significant to do. A tune up is the most important job of a vehicle owner. This is important because a regular tune up gives you an idea about the life and condition of car’s engine. Perfect tune up of a car especially if it is V8 car, can give you a brilliant performance and long engine life. Engines of V8 car has its own reputation and standard.

Step 2

V8 car has the best engine configuration featuring double cylinders on both sides of the engine block. The block looks like a V shape. Engine of a V8 car is a V engine that has 8 cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of 4 cylinders. It also has 8 pistons that are driving a common crankshaft.

Step 3

Engine of a V8 car is really dynamic and needs your proper care that can only possible by regular tune up. How to tune up a V8 car? This is a common question whose answer can be as follows:

• You should keep on checking regularly whether there is a problem in engine or not. You should check the compression of a cylinder with the help of compression gauge to determine if there is a serious engine problem or not.

Step 4

• A compression gauge can measure the air pressure produced by a piston. Now remove each of the engine’s eight spark plugs and insert the gauge in any of the spark plug opening on the cylinder. The needle must be within the green band when you crank the engine with ignition key. If it is outside of this band you should consult any of the motor mechanics. Professional will help you to sort out the problem.

Step 5

• Now, the air filter of the V8 car should be thoroughly examined, if the large amount of dust is present in it, you should change the air filter. You can judge your filter by watching it in a light source, if you are unable to see through it, you should change it.


• Replacing the spark plug of a V8 car after regular intervals can give you’re a much better performance. This is because the metal tip of the plug burns away after a specific time that can reduce the effectiveness of V8 car.

• It is necessary to replace the plug of V8 car after the recommendation of vehicle’s manufacturer.


• Exhaust of the V8 car should be checked after little time to reduce the dust and extra carbon.

• Engine oil and other engine accessories are to be checked manually to get the best powerful performance by a V8 car.

By Robert Chapman, published at 03/16/2012
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