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How To List Car on Sale Sites


Through the Internet, there are many sites that offer car listings. These sites serve as the major points for both car sellers and buyers. They thus create a better environment for selling and buying cars. Most buyers wonder on how to list car on such sites. The procedure of listing a car on sale sites is not that complicated and involves some steps.

Step 1

When one has to list car on sale sites, the first thing is getting the right sites to use. There are various car sale sites that offer free car post. On opening the site, go to the posting page specifying the car is for sale. There are also other sites that present the same services. These are such as Craigslist or even social networks.

Step 2

When one finds the right site, the other thing to do to list car is having some writing. This writing involves providing general description of the car. This is by writing all information regarding the vehicle from its model, mileage and modifications done. On the cost, one should fist have some research on the value of the car in the current market. This helps a person determine the minimum amount they expect for the car.

Step 3

When writing this information, make sure the language used is an advertising one since the main aim is selling the vehicle. This information though should not be shared with buyers but the sales site. The sale site is responsible to list car information that is vital to buyers.

Step 4

The other thing on how to list car on sale sites concerns the vehicle’s picture. Incorporating the cars pictorial view on sale sites increases the chances of selling it. On the photo, make sure that the car bears a For Sale sign to increase the chances. Pictorial information should be composed of several pictures from the bet view of the car. This differs with one sale site to the other. Some provide options for single photos and others multiple.

Step 5

Still when having list car on sale sites, one has to determine the payment mode they desire. There are various ways in which the buyer could make payments for the list car. This involves online payment or cash basis. If one opts for online payments, then they should consider the most reliable online banking sites. One of the best sites to use is PayPal online banking. This allows the purchaser to use their credit cards which makes all transactions safe.

Step 6

When one list car on sale sites, they should also make sure to include their contact details. This is the mode in which to receive notifications from the sale sites. In most cases, when undertaking the list car practice, the sites provide options for alerts. The main ones include emails or phone.


Make sure the car is thoroughly clean before taking photos in order to make it presentable

The photograph work should be done by professionals to present a good view of the car

The car should be inspected to fix all simple problems before listing on sale sites


The overall procedure on how to list car on sale sites is that easy. Undertaking all these steps bears better results and simplifies the task. Additionally, making use of certified car sites is also a healthy consideration.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/15/2012
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