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Living in urban centers has its pitfalls, too. In addition to limited space, rising prices of real estate, and an overall higher standards of living, you get car parking issues. Garages are often not included in the sale of properties especially in townhouses, apartments, and condominiums. You either find parking on the street which is not sure as your car could get bumped or hit without you knowing it. It can even be towed if you forget to pay the fees or park in a no parking zone. Thus, finding car parks for sale can solve your problem if you have no garages.

Step 1

Find car parks for sale through a real estate agent. Car parks are often part of a realtor’s business. There might be clients who just want to sell their parking lots instead of an entire apartment or condominium because they are not used. Just make sure that the car parks you are eyeing are not too far from where you live or a few blocks from your residence. Talk with a real estate agent and give your requirements such as budget, size and location. It also depends on the kind of vehicle that you own. You might need bigger car parks if you have larger vehicles.

Step 2

Use the classified ads in searching for car parks. There are also people who own garages in their apartments or homes, but do not have vehicles. Older people tend not to have cars and most of these car parks are empty or used as storage. Car park lots would have been part of the sale and the owners bought their apartment or townhouse including the right to car parks. You can use the classified listings to find car parks on newspapers, free listings online or in your local newspapers. Try Craigslist for personal ads on car parks for sale as you can still negotiate on the prices.

Step 3

As an alternative option, check neighbors in your apartment building if they own a garage and are not using it. They might consider selling their car parks if they do not have a vehicle or decide that it’s more a hassle to own and keep a vehicle. If you are a household with two cars, finding car parks in the same building is convenient than buying them in another vicinity.

Step 4

Put up a listing for car parks in newspapers and free listings directories. You can include your maximum budget and the ideal areas where you want the car parks. Do not forget to put you contact numbers or an email address where you can be reached.


Step 5

You can also post your listings in your office, schools of your kids, or in the local churches. Spread the word around that you are looking for car parks for sale. As more people know it, the higher your chances are in finding car parks for sale.


Have a look if there are car parks on auction as this is one method of finding parking lots for sale. Check with your real estate agents and financial insrirurions if there are no foreclosed car parks that will be put on auction or for sale.

By Marie, published at 03/18/2012
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