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Whether you are moving or you just need to transport a car across long distances, the process can appear complicated. If you have never shipped something as large as a vehicle, there are certain processes that will help to make the experience easier to handle. One of the most important things you can do is to be prepared for the move is to do your research. You can transport a car using a moving company or a company that specializes in moving cars long distances. Start the process in plenty of time so that your car will arrive when you need it to arrive.

Step 1

Call moving companies and transport companies in your area to find out their policies on car transport. You will need to know the time frame in which you want the car shipped. Keep in mind that the company will likely transport several cars in one shipment, so they may have a set timetable on shipments. You will need to let the company know what type of car you are shipping and where you are shipping the vehicle.

Step 2

Find out whether your insurance covers you while you transport a car. Your personal car insurance may not cover the car while it is in transit. Also ask the moving or transport company if they have insurance coverage included in their fee. If they do, you need to know what the deductible is for that coverage.

Step 3

Ask what sort of deposit you must pay to transport car. Some companies may require you to pay their fee in full before the car is shipped while others only require a deposit in advance. You will need to pay the full fee after the car is delivered. All of the company's policies should be outlined in the contract. You should read the contract carefully before you sign and before you decide on a particular company.

Step 4

Clean out your vehicle before the company arrives to transport car. Your personal belongings may not be covered by the shipping company's insurance, so you want to make sure you remove any valuables.

Step 5

Make sure that you are available to release the car to the shipping company when they arrive to pick up the car. Some companies may have a checklist before they transport car which notes any existing damage on the vehicle before they ship it. Watch the car get loaded and make sure you read all of the paperwork carefully before you sign anything. Ask again when the transport company expects to deliver your car.


Read all of the paperwork before you sign anything. When you transport car, you are entering a contract with the shipping company and you will be held to that contract.

Make sure that the shipping company has a way to contact you in case of an emergency. Give them at least one phone number, but preferably several, where you can be reached. Also ask if there is an easy plan in place for you to check the status of your vehicle at any time.

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