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How To Travel With An Ireland Rental Car


The best way to truly experience Ireland's scenic rural beauty is traveling by car. Ireland car rental is more commonly known as car hire in UK and Ireland. Do an extensive research for your entire trip since nothing can be more daunting and frustrating than organizing a fly-drive holiday in Ireland especially when it’s your first time.

Make sure that you make a good comparison between the rates with different Ireland car rental companies. That should give you enough the knowledge to cover all angles so you won’t come back with a monstrous bill from the car rental company.

You should be at least 25 years old to hire car from an Ireland car rental company since younger drivers pay higher fees, and no older than 75, which is Ireland's maximum age to hire a car.

Step 1

It is inexpensive when arranging a tour to Ireland by car from the comforts of your home. You can browse online or call several travel agencies, to assist you with your trip to Ireland. It’s highly recommended to hire an Ireland car rental by the week with unlimited mileage.

Step 2

To give you peace of mind, you should also get a Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW), which actually helps to limit your financial burden in the event of an accident. The standard CDW fee costs $15–25 a day which can lessen your liability, but will not entirely eliminate it. A non-negotiable security or deductible amount between €1,200 and €2,500 will also be added depending on the car’s size. This amount is tied to your credit card and will only be dropped when you return the car back to the Ireland car rental company without any reported damage. In the case of damage such as scratched door or broken mirror, they will deduct applicable fees and refund the balance thereafter.

Step 3

Most Ireland car rental companies furnish a car with full tank fuel and put a hold to your credit card for the price of the fuel. If you return back the car full tank, then you won't be charged. It is highly suggested that you make a refuel yourself as car hire company refuel costs are higher. Take note that cars in Ireland are fueled with both diesel and petrol; green handle in gasoline stations indicates unleaded fuel, and black handle is for diesel.

Step 4

You should also check out the website of Road Safety Authority for comprehensive information on specific road rules in Ireland. This should form part as an essential reading for all visitors who want to hire a car from an Ireland car rental company and drive around the Irish countryside.

Step 5

If you wish to rent a car from the Republic of Ireland and drive up to Northern Ireland, some Ireland car rental company will charge stiffer fee when you do so. Also, it’s likely that you won’t be permitted to take on a one-way car rental beyond the Ireland (e.g. going to UK) due to varying implications in tax, insurance and jurisdictions to the rental company.



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