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Caring For Alloy Car Wheels


Alloy car wheels are automobile wheels which are typically made from an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. When handled with proper care, the alloy car wheels can remain attractive and look great for very many years. They are lighter, there heat condition is better and they have a cosmetic appearance that is so enhanced as compared to the normal wheels.


With continued usage of a vehicle that has alloy car wheels, you will notice that there is an ugly black residue which will in time collect on the wheels particularly the front wheels. That is brake dust that comes from the brake calipers. Though it may be tough to get to this gunk and remove it, it is so important that your alloy car wheels are cleaned regularly so as stop the dust from staining the nice silver finish. Since the majority of the alloy car wheels have a clear-coat finish applied over the metal, it is recommended that a good car wax/polish be use occasionally to keep the wheels in a top condition so that they can be able to repel the dirt and dust that might accumulate of on the brakes.

It is possible that even the best drivers can on some occasions rub up against a curb and by doing that the edge of the alloy car wheel that is affected will be scratched or chopped off. If such a thing happens, the affected area should be repaired almost immediately so as to prevent the alloy from being exposed for that may cause it to become permanently stained or oxidized. You can get a clear coat touch-up kit from Auto parts stores if you want to get more insight on this particular precautionary measure.


The following are some points that highlight some of the ways that you will can to take good care of your alloy car wheels:

1. It is so important to clean the wheel thoroughly and after that ensure that it completely dries out. That should be done especially for the area that is being repaired as a result of being scratched or chopped off.

2. You will also need to make sure that you smoothen the area that needs to be repaired by using a fine emery paper or you can as well choose to use a scouring pad. The edge of the clear coat which covers the affected area should be keenly feathered and after that it should be wiped clean by use of a dry piece of cloth.

3. Once you have done the above, you will need to apply the clear-coat to the affected area. You will need to check the touch-up kit which you can get from Auto parts stores for a brush that you will use to apply the clear-coat or you can as well opt to use a fine artist’s brush. It is advisable that you use many light coats that will finally merge well with the surrounding area.

Tips and comments

With a keen observation of the directives above to care for your alloy car wheels, you can be sure that they will last long and retain a good look.

By Smita, published at 03/19/2012
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