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How To Find the Best Car Seat Covers


For many people, cars are a much cherished possession. They would go to great lengths to make sure that nothing bad happens to their cars. Every day car seats tend to be exposed to various elements. Once in a while, you will have a pet in your car, you may spill water or coffee on the seats, kids might step on them, dust will settle on them and they also become dirty. Car interiors are not cheap to fix or maintain. Hence most people look for ways of covering their seats to protect them from these harmful elements. A fabric covers cars seats but is not as efficient as manufacturer cover seats which are designed and made to fit properly on the car’s seat.

Step 1

Many people have problems finding a product that covers car seats and thus protects them from exposure to the various elements that may harm them.

Step 2

Many people will pop into a store and pick up the first product they find on the shelves that covers cars seat. It may seem convenient but you are going about it in the wrong way. Here is how to do it.

Step 3

You will be tempted to go for a cheap product that covers car seat. Do not; cheap is expensive and you get what you pay for. These cheap seat covers should only be temporary. They are made from cheap materials like neoprene which are not very durable; the best they can do is a couple of months.

Step 4

Leather seat covers are very durable but quite expensive.

Step 5

Know what you want when looking for a product that covers car seats. There are many types of car seats. They range from simple seat covers made from common chemicals like neoprene and polymers to more executive seat covers made of fabric and even more luxurious leather seat covers.


All these are meant to protect you seats from various elements. They also have different prices and are of different durability. A leather product that covers car seat will last much longer than a fabric. Some may be water proof while others are not, others may require constant washing while others only need to be wiped with a piece of cloth.

Find a product that covers car seat with dull or dark colors. Bright colors like yellow orange will look dirty very quickly. Look for darker colors-they will not look dirty quickly. However, choose carefully in order to maintain the car’s aesthetics.

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A custom made product that covers car set would be better than ready-made seat covers. Custom seat covers are expensive but fit very well to your cars seats as they are made from measurement s of your particular car. A Ready-made product that covers car seat is cheap but made of very stretchable materials. This is to enable them fit on any kind of car. This has it disadvantage as they become loose after some time or may not look as good as you would want. If you can afford custom made seat covers, they are the best.

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