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the Best Paint Car Colors


Colors are a major part of our everyday life. The human brain is wired to recognize the different colors and draw varying interpretations from them. Different colors are associated with different emotions. For example, the color red may be associated with danger; black may be associated with fear or sadness. You could think that finding the best paint car color is as easy as driving to your nearest store and lift a random color off the shelf; it is not. Nowadays, people are very particular about many things. Finding the most appropriate paint car for many people is quite challenging. The problem is, color has a unique way of stimulating the human brain. Today, a car painted white may be very attractive, tomorrow you see another painted yellow and you think yellow is better than white. It all boils down to various factors. Here is how to choose the best paint car color for you.

Step 1

The best paint car colors all depend on you. There may be a few colors you fancy and would cherish to have on your car. However some paint car colors just have that killer factor on some cars and not on others.

Step 2

The types of common car paint color varies significantly and is not bound by any hard and fast rule.

Step 3

The vehicle type is a major factor in determining the best paint car for it. The various car types like sedans, coupes, estates, vans, sport cars, sport utility vehicles and many others may not necessarily look good when similar paint car colors are applied.

Step 4

For a sports car the best paint car color could be yellow, green, red, orange, white and black. These colors tend to bring out the sporty aspect of the car.

Step 5

Personality is closely associated with color. Psychologists will tell that your personality plays a crucial role in determining whether you like something or not. The go further to state that they could easily determine your personality type.


Bright paint car colors like red, yellow and blue will be great if you got that shouting personality or you like to be seen. Darker paint car colors like brown or black will be great for that quiet personality.

Interestingly, paint car colors will also vary the cost of a car. Two cars of the same make and model but different paint car colors will not go for the same price. If you wish to sell or buy a new car, a particular paint car colors may just get you a few thousands extra or may save you money respectively.

Cost is another factor to take into consideration. For many who do not think much about the color of the cars they drive, the cheapest paint car colors may be their best option. For others forking out a few thousand dollars for that exquisite paint car color is worth the trouble. For a company or commercial car the cheapest could just be the best; these cars are not meant to be flashy but rather to serve their purpose. 

By samque, published at 03/21/2012
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