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How To Find Information Car Models


If you are looking into buying a car, then you are no doubt trying to find out as much as you can about different models of cars. Car information websites and car information pamphlets are some good ways to get the information that you need. There are many options to try and find the information on car models that are out there, they key is knowing where to go to locate it.

Step 1

The best place that you can go to get the information on car models in details is going to be a dealership. Most people do not like doing this as they hate dealing with the dealers at the dealership.

Step 2

All you need to do is go to a dealership and talk to someone can tell then what model you are interested in. They will tell you any information that could help you choose them; the chances are they will also have information on car models, in the form of pamphlets or books to tell you anything that is considered the basics of the information car.

Step 3

If you do not want to go to a dealership or you find that they are only giving you some of the information that you want, then you have other options. One good option is to look at websites.

Step 4

If you are looking for certain types of information like the basics that a car has, then the website of the brand will have information on the models that they make. Car information websites that are the actually car brand’s websites will give you some of the same information that a dealership will give you, but sometimes they will give you a bit more.

Step 5

If you find that you are more looking for things like user reviews then you can ask people that you know, but the chances are you are going to want to look online. Try and find reviews from people that have owned that model car in the past and see if they liked it or not, and if they didn’t like it why. This will help you to make your decision.


If you are looking for information on car things such as the safety rating, then you are going to need to go to a certain website for that. There are several places that will give you the information that you request in terms of safety. That is not hard at all to find, but many times you will want to ask someone other than a dealer for this information just in case the model did not do well in the tests.

Sources and Citations

If you want car information that deals with the resale values, then you might try things like a Bluebook. This will be the most reliable option to find the resale value for cars. They have been the most reliable in the past, and continue to be that as well now.

No matter what car information you are looking for, there are ways to find it. Some will be online and some will be asking someone in person. The key to buying a car is knowing that you have gotten all the information that is out there.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/23/2012
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