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Basics For Detailing Your Car Interior


After your home, the most important part of every person’s life is their car that they want to personalize right according to themselves with all the things just the way they like in it. For such people, this problem is no more a problem as with all the advancements in the world of today, you can now pamper your beauties while detailing your cars. Yes, you now have the opportunity of detailing a car from the inside, the outside and every possible side that it can possibly have. So if you want to detail your car’s interior today, start now as the inner look of your car is equally important as the outer look. So before you plan on getting started with your exterior, begin with your interior first!


Since the day the very first means of transportation came into being, the charm of having a personal car grew in the hearts of many of those people. From the Great Exhibition in 1857 by the Prince himself, the exhibition lead to the evolution of transportation in the form of a train. With extensive study of the manufacturing and mechanism of a moving machine, the concept of the first car was brought forward. Soon after its acceptance, the first car of the world was welcomes aboard on the fresh streets on this world, giving each person something to talk about. Even then, the detailing of a car was equally important as now some people consider it. As the time moved on, the manufacturing of cars increased with the growing number of companies and newer versions of each of these cars were thought of once they were out in the market.


To know the basics of detailing your car, you may begin with holding on to a vacuum cleaner for quite some time. First, you need to thoroughly clean sweep your car mats with the vacuum and other equipment like a brush and stain removers, if needed and let it dry in the sun. Following that, apply the exact same process for the seats of your car as well and also let them dry with the doors of the open wide to allow maximum air in. Moving on to the doors, clean the plastic and metal area with the help of a soapy liquid and then dry them with a rag completely and don’t forget cleaning the sleep areas with a brush as well. Now taking a glass cleaner or the same soapy liquid, wipe the windows thoroughly from the inside and take your solution of the steering wheel, clearing out its dust. At the end of it, do put a surface protectant on the surface of the steering wheel. Moreover, clean the dash board with the same sleek cleaning tool to wipe out the dust stuck in small areas of it.

Tips and comments

For better detailing of a car, you must keep in mind to choose a recognized and trusted company for the product that you will be using on your car. Moreover, you can always try them elsewhere before using them directly on your car’s interior to see if it has any side effects like color fading or leaving stains behind.

By Amara, published at 03/19/2012
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Basics For Detailing Your Car Interior. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.