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What To Do For a Hit Car


Accidents and mishaps while driving do happen no matter how careful and vigilant you are. It only takes a fraction of a second for these things to happen. When your car is hit by another vehicle, there are basic rules that you have to keep in mind.

Step 1

Staying calm is obviously the best thing to do, but this is not always easy when your car just got hit or you hit another vehicle. The gravity of the accident can be minor or major involving lives and damage to property. Check that your passengers are not suffering from any injuries or do not need medical attention.

Step 2

When you car is hit, get yourself out of the vehicle to check if it is not leaking any gas. If it does, evacuate your passengers and tell them to go as far as possible to the site of the accident such as emergency shoulders.

Step 3

Check the other vehicle that hit your car. Make sure that the driver is not suffering from any injuries. If the driver is hurt or is unconscious, call an ambulance. Once you see that there is also a gas leaking from the car, get the driver out as slowly as possible supporting the head and neck.

Step 4

Put out those early warning devices or triangles to avert motorists that an accident just occurred in the area. Wear the security vest so you are visible to other motorists.  Place them at least 500 yards from the site to give drivers enough time to slow down. These reflectors are helpful especially at night on rural roads where there are no lights.

Step 5

Call the police if the other party has not already done so. A major rule in any vehicle accident is to stay on the scene until the police arrive. The person who hit your car should not move the vehicle nor should you put your car to an emergency shoulder. This is necessary as the position of vehicles could determine who caused the accident. Make sure that there is a police report and give as much details as you can. Take pictures if you can of both vehicles and ask witnesses, if any for details and their contact numbers.

Step 6

Contact your auto insurance agent and inform him/her that you car was just hit. Ask if there are other things you should pay attention to for the claims. In times like these, our wits and memories often desert us so it’s best to ask for the details.

Step 7

Once everything is settled such as police reports and insurance issues, call a towing car company if your current insurance does not provide coverage for this and if your car that was hit does not work anymore. Call your friends and family to inform them of the situation and ask for a ride home.


Road accidents involving 2 vehicles in motion are not the only ways when a car can be hit. Your can also be hit while being parked or you are backing behind. In some countries, out of court settlements work out best by filling a form that attest who is at fault. It is a mutual admission that a person has hit your car or you bumped another vehicle. The form will also include the names of both drivers, license plates, insurance policy number and the name of the insurance company.

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