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Funny Car Bumper Stickers


Car bumper stickers are a special sort of message or a special sort of label in a sticker form that is pasted on a vehicle for people to see and learn something. Some people put up adhesive labels like this to convey some sort of message to other people while other people just do it for fun. There are many types of stickers, ones with some sort of message while some are funny car stickers. The funny car stickers are more in use by people now a days. These car stickers are pasted on a car’s different parts like on the back, front or on one of the mirrors. They are put up sometimes to promote a certain political party, to publicize something while some are put to show support of a particular team in a particular game.


The bumper stickers started to be used right after the end of World War 2; they were mostly in the form of flags and were attached to the car bumper by means of wires. Later many types of car bumper stickers were introduced which included the car bumper stickers used by Ford Model T which influenced other companies to make similar car stickers of different types. The funny car stickers when introduced were first pasted to the bumpers of a car but later they started to be used on other parts of the car where they can be seen by people, easily.


The car bumper stickers have a lot of reasons why they are being used. The first reason is that people want to convey some sort of message to the world. They put up a sticker which says something through the picture that is drawn on it or through the cartoons that are drawn on. Some have words written on it while others simply convey their message with the help of pictures. The funny car stickers are mostly a sarcastic way of conveying a particular message. There are many companies which print stickers on demand of the customers while other just make them and send them to the market for people to buy them. There are many sort of funny stickers, a couple of days back I saw a car sticker saying, “Save trees, Eat a beaver.” And another saying, “no fat chicks allowed.” These car stickers are funny but they are a bit rude to a few people. There are many sites like eBay, oddee which make these car stickers and you can purchase the one of your choice from there. There are other shops like Dodger Darts which have great ideas for car stickers. There are a few car stickers which are really funny and it’s ironic how true they are sometimes. There is this really famous one,” my kid is an honor student and my president is an idiot.” There is another very famous one which says, “if you can enjoy yourself, enjoy others too.” There are many funny logos which are printed on the car bumpers or stickers.

Tips and comments

The funny car bumper stickers are a little rude to the people who take a look at your car while you are driving. Such things are usually printed by people who have a great sense of humor and when you read things like this one a car you will be amazed to see that they are always on your mind and after reading them, if you do something that is bad you might actually stop doing that. So these car stickers have a lot of advantages besides just conveying your message.

By Amara, published at 03/20/2012
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